Heroes of the month, how to get?

From that I play for long time, how to get heroes of the month ? I never get them before. Any suggestion ?

If someone have a real answer on this question and decide to post it here, i guess Petri has a self destruction button that can blow away all the general discussion section.

Do not ask.
Do not investigate.
Nothing to see here.

as you can see at the top of this image, the game tells you exactly the answer to your question :slight_smile:

For questions such as these, that are solely in search of information, rather than opinion, I highly recommend searching the wiki first. :slight_smile:

Hero of the Month

It takes an average of 77 summons to get a hero of the month, and the 99% chance point is 352 summons. So the’re fairly hard to get, especially for free to play or cheap to play players.

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