Heroes of the Month as an origin group

I was just going through my collection of heroes by origin to see what I had from the seasonal events, mostly because the Christmas season is coming to an end. And I was looking through all the events and, noticed that the heroes of the months were grouped together, but they don’t have a little icon I think they should get an icon and maybe a small bonus like a percent extra to their specials or something. I think that would be cool.

Some old hotm don’t have a elemental link to them. As a bouns feature as a family why not. Wouldnt over do it. Been said with s1 hero’s don’t have some sort of family. But guessed saved for events.

Season 1 heroes get a bonus on 4 stats with the costume chamber and as for the hotm family what would you suggest the bonus would be? Bare in mind there are alot of hotm to your ideas

Well was this have a brouse Family Bonus for Classic Season 1 Heroes? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I ain’t suggested any ideas for hotm family. But maybe a mana increase or defence or attack keep it simple, its not like loads of players run a hotm team. Prob sheshat n drake are on wings is popular

Your right there are not too many ppl running hotm teams but if there were a family type bonus it would push up the stats for all hotm and we would likely see more hotm teams which isn’t a bad thing, but being as there are so many hotm it would be very hard to make a family without op some of them. For instance Drake Fong and seshat are both already fast and deadly so Mana boost would make them op and defence boost for heroes like aiger would also make him op. Ppl beat down on the elemental link but being a mono player I get to work it to my full advantage. Some things are just best left alone even if it’s just for a while. Maybe some little genius will come up with a new idea that can be applied to all hotm while not making any op. It’s always easy to ask for something but many things have to be taken into consideration before that something can be achieved, the most important of which is the integrity of the game itself

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