Heroes of 5 * for 2019

Can you show us the heroes that will be available for the year 2019?
It would be a great help to get the gems and the atalntis bangs off now.
Thank you for your support

This would be against beta’s policy, I guess…

I’d be surprised if SGG posts details about the upcoming HOTM before the month they come out. Some of the beta testers have mentioned that they expect the January HOTM will be Onatel, a yellow mana-stealer, and February will be Kunchen, a purple healer.

Nobody but SGG is allowed to post beta pictures on the forum, so you won’t get copies of the cards for these heroes here. If you Google though, you’ll be able to find what the prototypes look like. Just be aware that it’s reasonably likely the final cards will be a bit different than the prototypes (mana speeds, ability details, and stats all may change).

Posting pics/video of Beta violates the Beta Request not to do so (and risks those player’s Beta accounts).

Please do not recommend ways for folks to circumvent the ban. :slight_smile:

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Discuss yes. Post cards (or directions to cards), no. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the stats on cards often changes in Beta. That’s what all the testing is for. :slight_smile:

I only deal with stuff I’m online for. Didn’t see the Facebook stuff. I have nothing against any player that follows the rules, Russian or otherwise. :slight_smile:


Moderators shall not discuss a moderating decision on the Forum.

(But you know me, Rigs. You know better than that.)

We will see what Zinga have to say about you posting stuff from beta rigs


You withdrawn opps I thought you got taken off due to beta stuff, my bad.

Will there be a hero that look like a pit bull ?

I did get flagged for posting beta pics/vids but i didnt post beta pics or vids. Apparently instructions to google are against forum rules as well. Guess it’s in the fine print somewhere.

If there is, they should model it after mine lol just sayin

So, @Rigs, is there some “earn the most flags in 24 hrs” competition running that no one told me about? I mean, I realize you’re way ahead at this point, but I’d be willing to say mean things about @Kerridoc just so you have some competition. :sunglasses:


So are you testing Poseidon and Atomos ??? And if so, what’s your thoughts???

I don’t think anyone deems you a problem child. You just speak your mind. And sometimes what comes out gets flagged. That’s life. After the 2019 Thoughts thread fiasco, though, I just thought the flags here were hilarious.


I think I need to test them more to be able to accurately give an opinion.

(I know I liked Onatel, previously tested. I wish they weren’t all slightly higher TP than everything I have—unless I get them of course, then vroom vroom!) :grin:

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