Heroes not safe message

Is anyone else getting the big red Heroes Are Not Safe message occassionaly when they open the game? It’s happening on both my Samsung tablets.

It’s only occassional and says to sign in with Google play. I go there and it doesn’t indicate an issue. I just hit Play from there and return with no problem.

I’m just curious if it’s happening with anyone else. Last time a bunch of us had this problem and it turned out to be a Google issue. I know SG said they were working with them on it, but I don’t recall that it was ever an SG problem?

Just freaks me out having a message saying my heries aren’t safe :zipper_mouth_face:

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Yes, it does happen to me sometime. I’ve got an impression that it is caused by a slow network when you login to E&P faster than E&P logged in to Google Play. It’s not a big issue anyway, just go into settings and click “Sign In” button at the bottom.

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I have real slow internet and it doesn’t happen. I always play on the same device, samsung a50

We actually have good wifi and it’s not happening with my husband’s identical tablet. He WAS affected last time it was a more wide-spread issue.

I occasionally get it on my old device as well as my new device, both running Androids. I think it is like @SuuriKoira says, the game logged in faster than Google Play logs your profile. And I think sometimes that could happen when you move from network to network too quickly… Like switching from Wi-Fi, to moble LTE, then to another Wi-Fi, when you are on the go and moving from places to places, and sometimes Google Play couldn’t catch up.

Any way, every time I see that message on my device, this and the line kind of comes to mind.

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