Heroes not charging up

Heroes not charging. Same :poop: different day.

Probably a relief, he’ll only go round killing first-born…


Please give proof. Thank you

If you are posting about a bug, it really helps if you provide some context, screenshots and videos (if possible).


I’ll just adjust the title. Herod is a king in the Bible. Probably won’t get picked as a new HOTM due to all the infanticide…


@Aussie I see you regularly behaving very strange, opening useless threads, posting useless content and so on… @fastgoat behaved in the same way for a while and his access here was forbidden for good. He tried with another account and was I who discovered him. Just saying… Stop opening threads with no content. Few days ago you just opened a thread asking the game to shut down… If you don’t enjoy the game, you should uninstall it and leave us be. And stop this behaviour if you wish to not be forbidden in here. Take care.

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Posts removed, I’ll Also remove the forum.

Remove yourself from here. Thank you

It doesn’t appear there is much context here for SGG to work on and the post has slipped into non-civil territory. As such, I’m going to close but would encourage a new bug report if the issue persists with some more information (Video or screen shots) to assist with resolution.