Heroes missing enemies with Ranvir special active, even if target has more HP than caster

I reported this also to support, but maybe i unterstand the Ranvir special wrong, so please tell me, and i refuse the support ticket.

In a fight i fired Ranvir and his special was active. Then i fired Joon at Victor, while Joon had less HP than victor. But he missed. The screenshot is directly after Joon has fired and nothing else is happened. As Joon fired, it showed the “Missing” above Victor. Joon is at 762 HP, Victor nearly full.

Sometimes later in that fight i fired Ranvir again, and afterwards fired Justice while his special was active on her. But she missed both remaining opponents, while they both have more HP than her. As i understood the Ranvir special, she shouldn’t have missed. The enemies are fully ascended 5* with talents, and their HP is more than 50%, which is more than the remaining 497 of Justice.

These are the heroes of my opponent. Finally i lost the fight. Afterwards i didn’t get any more yellow stones and mostly y could only combine other stones in that way, that they hit the both remaining enemies and they fired and fired. That’s the fate of mono.

its working as intended
if the opponent got more HP than you Ranvir skill (attack boost + miss) will be active
if the opponent HP is less then neither the attack boost or miss will apply
and its not calculated based on Ranvir’s HP it will be calculated from the hero you are hitting with
in your first screenshot if you have fired Justice it will 100% hit alasie and 35% to miss vivtor and GM (assuming that their remaining HP is higher than justice)
you can long press the opponents hero to know exactly the number of HP left so you can know if it will just hit as normal hit or with ranvir skill (attack up + chance of miss)


Hi Expired, thanks
In the first screenshot (with alasie alive) the situation was as i fired Joon.
I know the possibility to see opponents HP wit a long press on the hero, but i couldn’t screenshot it.

I did a look in my watchtower, the opponents GM has 1435 HP and his Victor has 1383 HP and mana troops (no HP Boost from troops).

First Pic:
Let’s say, Victor has just 80% life bar (maybe 90, but let’s get the smaller number)
0,8 * 1383 = 1106 HP
Joon fired with 762 HP

Second Pic:
Victor an GM life bar are both more than half filled
0,5 * 1435 = 717 HP
0,5 * 1383 = 683 HP
Justice fired with 497 HP

In both cases the specials of Joon or Justice shouldn’t have missed.
For sure, i have no screens about this “Missing”, but i wouldn’t complain about, if i hadn’t had this issue.

as you calculated there is a 35% chance of miss
if your case was the other way around your joon HP is 1106 and Victors HP 762 then joon would 100% hit the target as he usually do without any attack boost and would just ignore Ranvir’s buff

similar effect will effect with Miki (if you have him) only miki skill works with normal damage from tiles

other HP related heroes are Kage and Ursena where both will do much more damage if the opponent got more than 50% health remaining

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That is exactly why they miss, because their hp is lower, they have 35% chance to miss and 65% chance to hit with very high damage.

You misunderstood his special. When you use his buff, it only take effect if your hero HP is lower. When it take effect, it can miss 35% of the time.

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Just to make sure, if the enemies have less HP than the attacker, the 2nd point of ranvirs special will not be activated?

If you are the one with Ranvir’s buff, and your enemies have less HP, it won’t be activated.


Thank’s, I totally misunderstood this.
Lucky me I didn’t pick Ranvir and will go on with Wu and Tarlak …

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Thanks a lot for clearify this. I also misunderstood when Ranvirs special does work.
I cancelled the support ticket.

@Expired For me, Thread can be closed. Thanks Mods for your work and attention

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Glad we could help and i will mention some mods who could close the topics am just a regular i dont have that kind of power :stuck_out_tongue:

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn please close the topic as requested


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