Heroes messed up

Heroes used to be in line from team one down to six then my reserves then my new daily ones and two’s. Now it’s just big mess!!! Example my first line a hero from team three and four one reserve and two daily’s.

Did you perhaps re-sort them by a different filter? Here’s my hero roster sorted by different filters:

Sorted by Power: you can see they’re all lined up nicely in their teams.

Sorted by Class: There’s no grouping by team in this filter.

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Maybe you changed the sorting order.
My heros by power are in order:

But if O sort them by class they get all “mixed up” and follow just the class order:

Try sorting them by power and you might get your problem sorted out :wink:

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Thanks guys that’s what it was, never played with that feature before and must hit when I was sleep playing. It was on class try that you’ll see it really messes your teams up.

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