Heroes maxed out but not fully ascended

Hi there, if someone could help me…I have heroes that are maxed out but not fully ascended…what shout I do? Stop trying to ascend them or? Thank you for any clues.

Do you mean like a four star siting at tier 3 level 60 waiting for ascension materials? You can’t do anything with them until you get the ascension materials you need to ascend.

If that’s not what you mean, post a screenshot of a hero in question.


I think this is about special atack is not on 8/8, and you have max out on your training of hero (3*),

Yes if you are not use money on gems to get better heros and are counting summond to get new heros from epick polet to drop from specila coffin, video or events. And you are dependent on this heros for a long time.

No if you have bigger heros under training and just waiting to get them strong enough.

this is my opinion, not nessesary rigth…


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Ok, well he specifically said the other way around (max level but not final ascension), so I’d assumed it was at max level for a tier waiting to ascend, which naturally means a 4 or 5 star, since the 3* items are all farmable. I’ll wait for the OP to chime in on specifically what he’s asking.

  1. If you have a fully ascended maxed Hero, you can upgrade the Special by adding heroes to your completed card. Do this, in this order (if you do a different order, it will tell you that the card is maxed):
  • Click Heroes
  • Click the card you want to upgrade
  • Click Level Up
  • Click heroes to add to the main card
  • Click Level up
  1. If you have NOT fully ascended the card (especially if you have a 4* or 5* card), you are stuck until you obtain the ascension items needed to ascend them.

Which one is it?


Sorry for not being clear on my question. But your answers made me realize that I am far behind in understanding the rules. I promise I Am studying Copersky docs and that I will get better. My hero was a 5* and when it maxed out, 8/8 I got confused…thought I did something wrong and could not ascend anymore…now after the help I got from you guys I know that I will have to wait for the ascending things and that will take time and effort and also probably some luck. Thank you so much for the help, hope someday I will return the favor.:vulcan_salute:


I have one of my heros “Brienne” He its 3 ubgrade and 50 levels and It is not completely finished.
Considering how difficult it is to get up, please ask for help

Keep on feeding Brienne heroes, greens for maximum probability of special improvement, and the special skill will go up eventually.

My question is when I have a hero who is at the maximum skill level and ascended but not totally leveled up, what is the benefit of continuing to level the hero as the skill level does not improve.

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Each lvl will add a few points to Atk, Def as well as health. From 4-1 lvled to 4-70 those key number increase big time

Thanks for your help!

I’ve heard recommendations to increase the hero’s used per level-up to increase the odds of special increase opportunity. My testing proves this to be false.

I placed 2, 4* heros of the same name into a level up challenge… #1 got 10h level ups of the same color only. #2 got any color level up, one at a time. Per this example, each time 1 got leveled up the % of special upgrade was 25-30% depending on the * of the consumed hero. Where 2 was 1-5%. Number 2 maxed out at 8/8 during assenstion 2 (almost maxed to addendums to 3) and number 1 was 6/8 and is currently maxed assertion.

So, it may increase the individual odds per button press to group like colored heros into 10packs to try and max out the skill, but you will get to 8/8 faster by pressing the button 10 times! Think about a lottery system… you buy 10 numbers to increase your chances of winning, you don’t pay more for 1 number to have all those odds placed into one chance to win.

I have used this technique on my 5* with similar results. Reaching 6 and 8 out of 8 skill before assension 3. And all are maxed shortly after the 3rd assension. And the 4*, max assessed hero- still stuck at 6/8.

There is a change in beta-testing currently that will make it much easier to get these “stuck” heroes to max special. For now, my advice is just to leave them where they are, save duplicates of the stuck heroes, and develop other heroes with your feeders.

You need to be fully ascend & fully levelled your heroes because you can use your heroes in wars. It will help your alliance for getting points. Thank you!

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