Heroes max level but skills not

Shown 4 3* heroes at max level but skills cannot be maxed to 8/8 no matter feeding I have done. Bane, and Tyrum at mask while Namahage and Rudolf regular one. Any help? I informed SG who told me to post here.

You see how the level up button is still blue and not grayed out like the ascend button. It means you can continue to feed your hero beyond their max level (their max level won’t change) in an effort to max out their special skill.

There is some math for guaranteed level ups:
Feed 10 same element 1 star heroes = 100% chance of special skill up
Feed 5 same element 2 Star heroes = 100% chance of special skill up
Feed Duplicate Hero = 100% chance of special skill up (Feeding another Tyrum to Tyrum)


Voidstrike got ya ^ that’s correct.

It happens sometimes with 3’s that you reach the max level before the special skill reaches 8. 3* costumes are even worse, because they level up so fast (less changes for skill to improve).

Feeding same color heroes for training and doing it 10 at a time is the best way to max special skills during leveling.


You can also use any combination of 1* and 2*, same color, that add up to 100%

Ex: 2 2* (40%) and 6 1* (60%) = 100%


As I mentioned, I already fed more than usual but still nothing happened. In others, feeding stopped when truly maxed. These 4 heroes are never ending feeding. My 2 TC11 have 1,000 days just to feed these heroes. I reported this to SG but cannot resolved any. I do not know if this is related to similar topic months ago. I had Rudolf leveled up without any problem. Shown above are my second pair.

I apologize to the community but I want to call the attention of SG/Zenga to consider a bug that they have to investigate and fix (my heroes offline). I remember this happened as “mask” was just implemented.

Save 5 2* heroes of the appropriate color (yellow for Bane, purple for Tyrum, etc.) Feed all 5 at once. Your chance to improve the special skill should be at 100%. If it isn’t, post a screenshot or better yet, a video showing it.

3* heroes are notorious for this just because their level up path ends way before their 4* and 5* counterparts.

Just be glad this is not pre V18 that we are playing under. Because before then, maxing out specials is a nightmare for 3* heroes, talk about living in Frustration-Ville, because even if you were to feed 3 identical Banes to your maxed Bane, it would’ve just been 75% chance, and 25% fail (and this game is very good in pointing you towards the latter).

Since V18 release, heroes at maximum ascension (e.g. 3^50 for 3*, 4^70 for 4*, and 4^80 for 5* who have not have their Specials maxed out at 8/8, will have their specials leveled up by feeders at that point by a 5X percentage). It is however, pretty rare for 4* and 5* heroes to still be working on specials by their max ascensions.

Now that your Bane is maxed on level
10 x 1* yellows would get you to level up your skill 100%
5 x 2* yellows would get you to level up your skill 100%
A duplicate Bane would get you to level up your skill 100%
(These % are going to be capped at 100%, so no point in going over, and you can only special skill up 1 level each feeding session).

If you can afford to be a little patient in not feeding off each 1* and 2* feeder each time you get them from your TC11 and save a few up on the same color to feed at once (watch that % up indicator each time you try), you would be able to finish in maxing them out and end your frustration. Again, this was even more frustrating before SGG changed the special maxing mechanics in V18 of the game (we are in V27 now, about to hit V28).

Hope you can finish maxing out these 4 in due time, with a little patience.


Shohoku79 - sounds great explanation. This means I have to live with these heroes. The best alternative i$ pull more to replace them; feed again. Very fru$trating.

It’s not a big thing, and definitely not a reason to be frustrated. On the one that is 4/8 you simply need to feed it several same colored one or two stars at the same time to get a 100% chance of improving the special.

At mentioned above:
-5 2* same colored heros
-10 1* same colored heros
-some combination in between the two options I just listed

Each time you do that it is a guarantee that you will level up the special. Do that four times and the special is maxed, just like your previously maxed one.

It’s not so bad… Unless you are in a hurry and after all, TC11 takes 2 hours to pop a feeder and you are, unfortunately out of feeders at the moment and having to control yourself to not spend your feeders as soon as they arrive as if they were burning a hole in on your roster pocket (which they sort of are, as they are taking up your roster space). And of course, don’t be so quick to feed those 1* and 2* heroes you get from farming.

I find that if you are short of roster space, try to work on one of these heroes at a time, just think, save up 5 x Hou/Shaji/Dash and you are guaranteed a level up/max out Bane. Another 5 x Silthus/Layla/Julius and you are guaranteed to level up/max out your Tyrum.

Again, I can’t emphasis enough how this special level up mechanics update helped curb a massive amount of frustrations that players who started playing from pre V18 can certainly relate. I had a Brienne at 5/8, and 3 other dupes of her, and this was before that version update of course. I had the choice of either

  1. Level her up with dupes of herself 3 separate times with 25% successful rate each time and look for possibly maxing her out as a result.
  2. Use all 3 of her at once for a 75% success rate (which is pretty high, but with RNG you just never know if they try to put you in the fail column.
  3. Wait for me to get another Brienne for a guaranteed level up.

I picked one, because I was already getting tired of leveling her up and having to keep track of the specials. 3 sessions later, still sitting at 5/8. No, I didn’t rage feed this Brienne and just waited until I had more of her come out to guaranteed success. So after 12 Briennes later (either gotten from silver coin summons or TC13 and on), I was finally done. Of course, that update came out a few months later… Point is, if you started playing after Version 18, this would be considered a mere annoyance, not a frustration. Nowadays I just speed chug 3* heroes because I know if they haven’t learned their lessons by the end, there are going to be more concentrated sessions waiting for them.

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