Heroes matching game

The rules are simple. The longest chain of heroes names you can create. You choose a hero. The second one’s name must begin with the last two letters of the first one. The 3rd hero must begin with the last two letters of the second one. And so on… You cannot put a hero twice in your chain. Because Layla-Layla-Layla…Layla will win :rofl: There are allowed all the names we already know, including upcoming hotm and new event heroes.

I’ll start and beat this:

G.Jackal - Alberich - Chochin - Inari - Rigard

L.E. For more combinations and fun, the last two letters may be reversed or not. So, if I have Hel, I can continue with Elena or Leonidas


Okay, let’s start with


Since there isn’t any hero starting with ia, the chain is broken already. :worried:

EDIT: Oh, there is one, if we swap the letters…

Aife :sunglasses:

You didn’t get it either :slightly_smiling_face: You must create the chain alone, not with other members. Let’s see how long you can achieve. It is a lot of thinking here :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, that’s weird, since it’ll become a monolog.

Alternately would be nicer imo.

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I may even suggest for everyone to think backwards, because it is easier. Let’t take Namahage for example. Now… You must find a name ending with “na”. Well, Ameonna. Now, the chain creator should find a name ending with “am”. Like I said, requires a lot of thinking and knowledge of the game :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK @Olmor, I just found another 5 long chain:

Prisca - Caedmon - Onatel - Elena - Namahage :slightly_smiling_face:

I suppose, now everyone understands how to create the chain. Can anybody do a longer one?


Very hard. Have a couple of 5s , nothing more eg Joon…Onatel…Elena…Nash… Sharon. (Or Nashgar… Ariel/Ares/arman)


Congrats! Was a nice one :slightly_smiling_face:

So linking those last two postings make a 6. Prisca Caedmon… Onatel etc

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Yes. So you are the winner so far :slightly_smiling_face:

and we just make our own chains out of thin air not related to another person’s post?

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Yep. You can choose whatever heroes you want, but not twice the same hero. You can choose the heroes already said above and maybe you find another and longer combinations. For one, I found one much longer, but later… I go to bed for now :slight_smile:

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ok, i’ll study on it. then i’ll return with one. :slight_smile:

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Hi guys! @Scarecrow - what’s the leway when it comes to heroes like Someone in the guardian family - g. Panther g. Falcon etc… Is there any freedom to exclude the " guardian" for instance?

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Ok this took time but I have a nice chain!
3.LAdy of the LaKE
Thats as far as I can go. Don’t think there’s anything starting with GH :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ghost girl? :thinking: then rl is tough.


It is how is written on the hero card. Good job, by the way. Should be telepathy, because the chain I thought (and not posted yet) is similar :slightly_smiling_face:

Miki - King Arthur - Ursena - Nashgar - Ariel - Elena - Nash - Sharkott


And we have a winner :slightly_smiling_face:

@ApollosEmpire, your chain is broken. Is Cpt. Kestrel

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Marie-Therese/Seshsat/Athena/Nashgar /Ariel/Elena/Nash/Sharan/Anzogh.

Scarecrow 9 - Ituri 8 :slightly_smiling_face: