Heroes losing mana

I have noticed a few times during titan battle and map quest that one of my heroes would be flashing with full mana. I would make a tiles move and the mana is reset to zero without me using the special skill.

Are you using Guardian Gazelle by any chance? :slight_smile:


I just had the same issue in a raid - I had Vela and Alice lit with full mana and used Vela and suddenly Alice was not lit - she had almost full mana with a tiny amount missing. This was against Kingston, Isarnia, Joon and Quintus. This is not the first time I have seen this recently

Is your opponent have a Valhalla hero?

Only 4? What is the other one? Freya/Norns/Mireweave? Vanaheim family bonus reduce opponent’s mana when they die.

This has happened to me several times today while playing.

What is your opponent? Any Vanaheim hero (Freya/Norns/Mireweave) or mana cutter (Guinevere/Neith/Li Xiu/Chao/etc)?

Make sure to take a screenshoot next time it happen.

Also keep in mind that mana troop can make a hero with the same speed fire faster than the other not using mana troop.

I was wondering if it was the opponents until it happened while farming in 8-7. All my heroes were flashing full mana and after firing off one special 1 of my other heroes (on the other end) was no longer full. If it happens again I’ll get a screenshot of it.

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Yelnats - other hero was Elena but she was defeated already. It happened much the same as Delirium - I fired Vela and suddenly Alice was not ready

Were you able to replicate it? Are you sure Alice mana bar is full before Vela fire? Just in case, what is the blue troop you are using?

Yes - certain - Alice before Vela and I always set Vela off first

Quintus is a sorcerer, his talent can reduce mana generation, are you sure Alice wasn’t affected by this and resulting in Vela ready to fire before Alice?

Have you used that team again? Is the problem still exist?

It’s gonna be hard to report a bug without any screenshot…

Understand about Quintus but his special is mana generation not reduction. The issue is that both Alice and Vela were lit before Vela went off. This all happened within the same turn. No tiles played, no enemy attacks. Appreciate this is going to be hard, hence why I am recording attacks to try and capture it happening.

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