Heroes less than 1 year old in Tavern of Legends portal?

Is there any particular reason why Iris (February) and Zagrog (March) of 2022 have been included in the current tavern of Legends portal?

According to the Info-Box heroes are only included after 12 months have passed since their original release, which obviously is not the case for the above 2.

One could even argue it is not even true for Viscaro (January 22), since 12 months will have passed only at the end of January…


  1. That banner claimes Aeron and Seshat as new? Well Seshat is one of the oldest hotm costumes we have, while the actually new one Aegir is not there.

  2. Clicking on the “?” opens up the current hotm Roughian & Nurgib, what´s the point of that? One of the (supposedly 12, but really 10) hotm you can actually NOT get in this portal.
    Well you can as much as you can get her anywhere else of course, but they are not included into the hero pool.


:joy::rofl: looks like another botched portal but in a good way: it’s enhanced this time.

Next round for ToL is March.

I can see the logic for Viscaro (circa January 2022) and Iris (circa February 2022).

Not sure about Zagrog.

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Maybe with “months” Zynga is referring to the 4 week cycle we’re used to in calendar.
Just a wild guess, based on “consistency”

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Cause Tavern of Legends is once in 2 months? Probably that’s why. It do is strange that Zagrog is there though, Iris not really, cause it’s February in few days.

Gotta be honest, I would be more upset if this was the other way round

Just one gamer’s opinion

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Well that depends on which heroes you want to have, if you want to have those 2 (or 3) then it´s of course nice to have them, if you want Miki or some other old one, every new hero just dilutes the portal and makes the portal worse…

While I am here criticizing the portal: I guess I better add some more mess-ups, ah maybe I better add them to the original post though…

If the heroes fit the pattern, then I think the 4 week cycle is just catching up.