Heroes Inspired by African Gods

Hi everyone. I saw a post about adding more hero diversity and got excited. I think a good way to do that is to design heroes inspired by the Orishas, a pantheon of West African gods and goddesses. There’s a lot written about them in books and on the internet. But here’s a little snapshot of why they’d be great for the E&P family of heroes.

Shango - God of Storms. Represented by thunder, lightning, carries a large axe and his color is red.

Ogun - God of War. Represented by metals and weapons, and his color is green.

Ochosi - God of Justice. Represented by bow and arrows, his color is blue.

Oshun - Goddess of the Rivers. She represents all good things like love and wealth but if angered dries up life-sustaining rivers. Her color is yellow.

Yemaya - Goddess of Oceans. She represents fertility and healing. Her color is blue.

Oya - Goddess of Winds. She brings destruction and change, and is represented by tornadoes, tsunamis and hurricanes. Her color is purple.

And these are just some of the Orishas. There are many more.

A photographer made a series of the Orishas which is quite stunning. Examples of the photos can be viewed here

Sorry, I disagree, @Resol. This post is along the lines of suggestions for new thematic challenge events heroes. Africa has many rich mythological traditions that could be fun for SGG to explore, complementing their nods to Norse and Roman/Greek mythology.


@PinkyToe I loved your idea. i’m originally from Salvador, Bahia - Brazil and Orishas have been part of my life since ever. i would love to play with these deities

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Very interesting! I want to see these! :wink:

EDIT: This one is stunning…


Not sure if folks want “Goddess of Marriage”, but I’m sure we have plenty of “People of kickbutt!” :grin:


Bahia is beautiful. I have seen through photos and videos of friends who have visited.

Yes, playing this game with them would be so great! And meaningful in a way to those who have them in their lives such as yourself. The tradition is global, like this game.


Well the art is excellent. A wonderful jump off point. I like that their colors already fit in our existing scheme (red blue green yellow purple), and love the infusion of magic and nature. :slight_smile:



Some orishas from Dique do Tororo in Salvador. It´s a beautiful place and amazing craftsmaship


These are not the true representation of the African deities. They are diluted versions diluted by the ideals of western culture. A quick google search can show that our African deities are depicted strong and proud without the coverings of their strong natural bodies of gods and goddesses. If they place our deities in this game they will never be represented fully powerful and uncovered by the western developers of Small Giant Game.

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@Rook the colors, exactly!

Yes, that art is definitely a good place to start. Most depictions tend to be paintings and drawings, I liked the linked ones because I’d never seen them depicted in photos in this way.

Some will need more clothes, or we’ll be venturing into Zeline/Natalya territory. wink

I am looking forward to the Goddess of Cats/Animals. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, “uncovered” isn’t appropriate in a game for 13+ for Android/Ios.

This is a fantasy game. Everything goes through a filter.


Would be a very nice Season 3 theme.
Backgrounds, landscapes and heroes could be as cool as mystical.

Season 4 could be old egyptic. I’d love to see Ra and cryptic family symbols…



I assume you know about religious syncretism. When slaves first came to Brazil they were prohibited to pray to their gods so they depicted their deities as catholic saints. this way they could worship their gods at plains sight of their opressors. And that´s what i was taught at school and how we have our orishas back home :smile:


Aye. I’m not looking to pray to any deities. Play new heroes? Absolutely.


@Olmor YES! That pantheon would be another great inspiration source.


@janicekristy will be excited!

I’d also like to see some Chinese dragons, but that will be another thread. :blush:


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