Heroes I Never Thought I'd Be Leveling

Ill try to fast level one more hero before that event comes. I think ghost girl will make the cut on my roaster. Full mana pot for her will make her last for 20 turns… :sweat:

Adding a second purple is a little rough for shadows, because the enemies are Scarlett, Skittleskull, Domitia and Quintus. Ghost girl’s tile damage is good, but the biggest threats are purple.

This will be mine. I was already maxing Sabina so I got lucky

I actually use Danzo in my mini yellow raid team. He’s not too bad. Better than I thought. ghost girl however is completely underwhelming.

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I think trial or shadows will be a lot easier for me than fortitude. Jackal, Inari, Sabina, Skittle and Scarlett (3-60).

I feel for everyone now having to level skittles, but honestly I had to level him awhile back for lack of any other offensive green. Since every time I pulled a green anywhere it was kashhrek. And I still use skittles everyday on my farm team, on every green titan stack and every war. Skittles is not that bad, there’s just so many better green 4 stars… if you pull them. Currently my green 1*s are going to lil’ buddy, but after that i might start on gadeirus as I have given up on ever getting melendor or caedmon.

The question is who to use the sorc emblems on. Between Sabina, Skittles and Ameonna (1-1) I’m guessing it’s the undead lady and not the ghost. But maybe it’s the ghost with the most?

Agree , Danzo is not bad at all , he is very good tank for *4 yellow , especially when you paired with same family to boost Mana regen.

i dont know why people said he is suck , before they just talk even before try it , or compare *5 quality with *4

That’s a pretty nice roster for shadows. 4/5 Sakura too. Glad to hear from both you and @arios that Danza really is decent. Because I’m going to be using him whether I’m ready or not :grin:

pretty decent if you compared with other tank (diff color) or *5 tank

but if you compared among *4 Yellow hero , he is the best one , i dont know about you guys , but in my Clan we often to do Mono Tank in AW , sometimes all Yellow or all Red or all Blue. Danza had potential as *4 tank in AW more than other *4 yellow.

but if you got *5 yellow tank of cource Danza will be pretty decent

I just can’t bring myself to feed greens to Skittles. Gadeirus isn’t awful. There are a lot worse choices, especially if you have other Atlantis family heroes to pair him with.

As for those Sorc emblems, gotta be undead lady. This thread is not making ghost girl sound good:

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Interesting. My current yellow stack is Leo/Chao/Li/Wu. Maybe Danza will earn his way into the team.

My alliance does mono blue tanks, so I’m stuck with Boril. Not my favorite tank ever.

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I maxed my Boril and Justice clearly out of class system, and take Perseus to 70.

Never going to do it if not for this feature.
Too low damage :face_with_monocle:


Yeah, I’m really not a Boril fan. Is Perseus really that bad, though? I know he gets very little love on the forum, but his special seems pretty useful, especially in a blue stack.

Yeah probably, but with the choices i have she will be on my team. i dont expect so much of her because she is unleveled (1/1). But giving her full mana might serve her purpose as a shock absorber. Atleast for 20 turns…

Makes sense to me. If you remember by the time the Trial rolls around, definitely let me know how she works out. I’m really curious.

I’m also currently working on cyprian for paladins. That is something I didn’t think I’d do. Need 2 more capes for Sonya #1. I should have ascended her as advised previously, but because I had scopes at the time I chose magni. And I guess that was an ok choice at the time, but now with these trials it hurts a little.

Always thought that what can i do with him, i can do with Sonya too without using scopes.

His special has really a too low output, especially for a single target for my tastes.

Perseus is useful IMO, but he’s basically a middle of the pack grade hero in terms of overall utility. Good but not outstanding. Given that he’s also a HotM, that makes him look underwhelming to a lot of people, especially when compared to his blue predecessor, Athena.

Penciled in to level around 2030.


Love it!


I have been considering leveling Friar Tuck. The only trainable healer available in trials of justice.


Who’s the Boss?

DANZA-buro is the boss!

Hey look, a door!

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I was waiting for someone to admit it!


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