Heroes I Never Thought I'd Be Leveling

The Trial of Shadows has only one healer, and that’s Sabina. Unfortunately, I don’t have her, so the trial is already going to be a potion fest for me. But it’s also extremely problematic for my roster in general. “Not spoiled for choice” would be an understatement.

As of last week, the highest level hero on that list was Jahangir, at 1/19.

Now, objectively, Kelile and Scarlett are far and away first in line for feeders on that list. On account of I might actually use them in raids or war. But Ares is currently eating 100% of the red feeders I get, because I’d like to actually have some healing on the Trial of Serenity. So the rest of my reds are on a diet. Kageburado is likewise feasting on purples.

That leaves Danzaburo. And, really, as far as Rogue heroes go, his biggest advantage is that he’s not Dawa or Carver. Before v18, I had him penciled in to be leveled up some time around spring of 2030.

But now, he’s at 2/21 and consuming Kenjiros like a crazed honey badger. I haven’t used him in a fight yet, but I have high hopes that he will, in fact, contribute damage to yellow tiles.

Anyone else leveling heroes off their D-list for the class quests?


Sure are. Getting to use heroes I never thought I’d use


I actually like that this feature makes those heroes useful for something. Sure it means that getting the heroes I want for raids to the top will take longer but it means the game is less repetitive.


Kage is in the Barbarian class- not Rogue class as originally proposed.

Previously thought leveling 3 stars might be ok for these quests, but they aren’t very effective after the 1st level.

As far as D list heroes go, I will be leveling Skittle Skull (eventually) to have at least 1 sorcerer to play with!

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Danzaburo is good tank choice for f2p/low c2p players , with Rogue emblem which easier than *5 he could be more tank and evade special skill

yeah i know he is Gambler , but his sword and shield are top level as *5 if applied


Yup. Kamikaze Assassin updated the spreadsheet, and he’s not on the Rogue list. But I’m sure as heck not giving feeders to Gil-Ra or Ameona over Kage.

My Trial of Mysticism is going to be an all-Wizard affair right now. My Sorcerers, as you can see, are a disaster. But I have plenty of Proteus/Merlin/Kiril. You definitely win some sympathy points from me for having to level Skittles though :grinning:


I know I’m being a little hard on him. Your point is well-taken, and my complaints are more than a little tongue-in-cheek. His stats are decent, but I’d never tank him myself. His special is just too risky for my tastes. Besides, I’m currently using Buddy, with Ares waiting in the wings.

4-70-20 Danza , equal to *5 , if he able to shot sword or shield , would be huge advantage. yeah i know sometimes you will get bad luck with Freeze

1st skill -54% accuracy more than Justice with Slow Regen ( Danza is Average )
2nd skill 24% Mana and 63% Def , Vivica+Alberich in one with Slow Regen ( Danza i Average )

imo , after Emblem out , many *4 could do better in earlier than *5 , since you need more Emblem to complete your *5 talent.


Sure. Individually, his mana speed and effects are top-shelf stuff. And the emblems only make him better. But you never know which effect you’re going to get, or whether he’s going to do the 2 turn mute. That would (will) drive me nuts. My current plan is to just save my Rogue emblems, though, in hopes of getting a 5* at some point.

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Any interesting heroes on that list? Or particularly troublesome ones?

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Enjoy your naked bear card lol.
And enjoy him freezing his knees :wink:
Back on topic, I am leveling Kelile. Yes she is fast but weak. Never thought I would level her, but am doing cause only nearly maxed card here is Scarlet on Rouge class here.
I am also (sadly) leveling Skittles :sweat: and this not even worth the gloves will needed to max him.
I also will have to level Justice … maxing her on 2040 to complet the class quests of her class.


What are the classes for the trial of shadow?

i did , its good so far from me , i used it as Tank in AW , it give better result than Hu/Li Tank as *4

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I’m calling him a honey badger so I can have some pride in my roster! Also, he lives in the jungle, so it never gets colder than about 18°C. His knees are A-ok :wink:

Oh, man I feel for you. Losing a pair of your gloves to Skittles is rough. I’d be happy to trade you a pair for a compass.

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20 Problems


I’d love to have this trade.
I will also offer you for every 3 compass deal a damascus blade gift :smile:
EDIT1: Tome gift cause you requested xD I have too many but no heroes to ascend xD

I’ve got more blades than 5* right now. How are you on tomes?

Man, we really need a trading system. Of course, SG would lose so much money…

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They’d lose a bit… But there’s a lot of trading card games out there and they seem to still do well… God knows there’s one I’ve been playing for 20 years. But who knows…

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OMG i only have sabina and g.jackal gor my fully level heroes. This might get tough…

One buff removing healer and a decent hitter? That’s a good foundation for a team. Sabina’s tile damage is also good. Now you’ve just got to figure out which role players to fill in with…


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