Heroes have the class icon on them in raids

In connection with the fact that new tasks came into the game, namely to defeat a specific class, for example a paladin, you could immediately see a sign of his class on the hero, but not when you click on him, it takes so much time to look for what class someone is. Thank you!

Good idea. I was just about to create a similar topic.


Now that we have the raid quests in POG, adding the class icons to the previews would be helpful. I find myself wasting a lot of time clicking through the heroes to find the correct class. They are there on your heroes before you match, but not after.


I like this idea but it wouldn’t make much difference to me. I have to click on the card to remember what the heroes do these days anyway. Far too many to remember off the top of my head but would still be a nice idea.

You have my vote

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


Since the Path of Giants frequently gives tasks requiring certain classes of heroes to be defeated, can you please include the class icon on the hero preview? I’m talking about the screen where you can see the full team and click on each one to see the card. Clicking through each individual card to check classes is exhausting. There are too many heroes for most of us to bother remembering anymore.



totally agree… (20 chars 20 chars…) :+1:


I’d like to make a suggestion in relation to the Path of Giants Challenge that requires players to defeat a particular class of hero.

Currently, when searching for an opponent, we have to click on the individual heroes of that team to view each heroes class.

This is very time consuming and so I think the class should be visible in the ‘Ready to Battle’ section to make this simpler.

Could you please consider this in the next update?