Heroes Guild - High Power, Low Stress, 2400+ Cups, 9*, 10* and 11* titans. Need 2 members


This is the alliance where we have fun and support each other while dispatching 9, 10* and 11* titans. Just killed first 11* and starting on our second!


There’s a couple different Heroes Guild alliances in the game. Maybe you could add a screenshot of your alliance description and banner? :grinning:


Added. Thanks Coppersky. I’ve enjoyed some of your guides.


Bump. 2 more spots open after some dead weight left.


Bump Again, one more opening, and updated info. We’re on our way up.


Bump… we’re on our 2nd 11* !
Still need another player.


bump… now we’re letting another 11 slide. But now we need 2 members.