Heroes from DC comics or Marvel ( Superman, Batman, Captain America) etc

How about making a new quest with heroes from DC comics and Marvel? They already come with and without costumes. Clark Kent with Superman costume. Bruce Wayne with Batman costume and so on. Who wouldn’t want superman in his hero collection?

No chance. The cost for the rights of that franchise is extreme. Marvel and DC would be better off copying the gameplay of this game and make their own. That said, the amount they make from everything else, a game like this is a drop in their billion dollar bucket.



It would just be it’s own game. LIke the upcoming Zynga Star Wars game.


I usually play only one game but this sound interesting


We’ve got Thor already

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Yes i suppose that Thor is not copyrighted by Marvel since he is based in a thousand year old god . With the other super heroes though there must be some copyright issues. But i believe with the right amount if money that kind of issues can be solved.

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Yes I understand Thor is a bit more special than Iceman, Spidie, Batman etc but I like your thinking.

I think they would be completely wrong.

If they introduce heroes from a more modern time then we would also have firearms and the like. Don’t belong here.

Power of three :woman_mage: be charming :rofl:

Plus Peter Parker better have super fast mana to turn into siperman if was realised… :+1:

This also cool…


How do you mean, you got it? You have Thor and…?

Emma Frost….oh yeah she’s already in the game

They could rename the characters …

Superman → Marvellous Dude
Batman → The Flying Rodent
Spiderman → Arachnid Kid
Daredevil → Toddler in my experience they are daredevils
Captain America → General States
Black Widow → Greyish Dowager

and so on …