Heroes from Costume Chamber missing

Great friend, I need your help. A friend of our Alliance won Domitia, Kashreck, Belth and Clarissa today in the summons. It happened that Belith and Clarissa disappeared from the inventory and it doesn’t appear anywhere else. He is very sad and does not know how to proceed to solve this problem. He sent the print at the time he won the hero and simply disappeared from the inventory. What could you advise to do. And if you have something to solve. Thank you

That’s frustrating — unfortunately the only option is to contact Support by submitting a ticket.

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Does your friend have screenshots showing the pulls?

Also, check Recent Activity under Game Options and Support in the game and make sure he didn’t accidentally feed her off.


Player level 65. It does not appear in the inventory that he won the 02 heroes.

But did he screenshot at least Clarissa when she came out of the portal? Like this?

These types of screenshots are very useful and then compare to make sure you still have her in the Recent Activity…

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take screenshots of critical pulls in case something like that happens.


I just called him. He has the print winning Belith and Clarissa. But it does not appear in “recent activities”. This can happen ?

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Can he check Recent Activity and double check that he didn’t feed her off? Because in the melee of summoning and leveling, that can sometimes happen like feeding off a fully leveled Lianna to 4* Gormek. Ask @JonahTheBard. Also, @zephyr1, I think maybe Mark’s original post should be split into it’s own topic. I feel this issue needs its own topic and really has nothing to do with Tavern of Legends.

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I’ve moved it, thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

There have been. No response after the move.

Does he know it’s been moved?

He would’ve received the notification with a direct link to the topic’s new place. Maybe his friend realized he fed off his Clarissa by accident?

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