Heroes from 8.7 nerfed?


Today i played 10x 8.7 and it only said “no heroes”… (from 31 to 1 in order to get heroes to feed and extra recruits and fill my chest.).

I don’t know if this is representative, but what i thought for a while was that i only got 1 in 3 for 1 1* hero.

More people get this feeling?


Not just 8.7, I’ve tried few other locations, after last big update, hero drop fell radically.

Earlier I would get like 10-15, from 10x 8.7 visit, now it’s more like 5.
Not fun :confused:

I didn’t write down, but you know, it is that significant that even I, who ain’t good at noticing, noticed it :rofl:


I haven’t noticed anything different and I have been farming 8-7 exclusively for the past 3 levels.


It verys alot om me. Sometime i get hero and then noting at times