Heroes for Sale? / Ability to Purchase/Buy Heroes

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And … because it is not the monkey nor the tiger in a man that I fear, … it is the donkey!

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And … because it is not the monkey nor the tiger in a man that I fear, … it is the donkey!

Heard something like this on Anchors goodbye stream.

Lets say I want a particular 5*. I would first have to give up between 5-10 of my existing 5* and a certain amount of gems; perhaps even food and ore. I believe this is a balanced way that allows people to have a means to get what they want but at the same time is still difficult to achieve.

@kerridoc I’m sure I’ve read your thoughts on this idea. Does it have a thread already?

This is the worst idea ever… this thread shouldn’t even exist… Why not make a store where all heroes are available, at 4/80 + 20, for let’s say a modest amount like 50.000 gems? Too little? Make it 100k! I’ll sell my house and my dog and tomorrow I’ll be global #1… oh, no! Wait! I wouldn’t, because someone else sold his house, car, wife and children and bought more gems than me…


Well, it’s definitely been suggested at least a few times in various formats:

@Kerridoc has been a vocal proponent of an idea that makes a lot of sense to me too, which has been discussed extensively in the thread below after resurrection in December:


The shard idea might work, as long as they are rare as hell… I mean way way more rare than 4* ascension mats… get 10 shards in a year, choose one hero… I can agree with this… but never to buying heroes as cows…
On the other hand, the part about crafting AM’s is great! I really hope the promised Alchemy Lab will do that…


Hyperbole much? lol

Personally I would love a new building with all of the heroes available as long as the cost is reasonable. But the cost would not be in $ amount but you will have to give up heroes and also gems.

Buying heroes in store would be the harbinger of the end for E&P… Sad day…

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My idea was that there would be shards for specific heroes. You would need, say, 10 matchng shards to get the corresponding hero. Drop rates for some sort of hero shards would then be intermediate between current 3* and 4* drop rates but you’d have to be very lucky to get the required count of one hero quickly. Event heroes, etc. could be added as low-probability shards.

The same change could occur to mats, btw.

To the OP’s idea, @zephyr1 did a great job synthesizing the ideas. The ony one I’ve seen that seems plausible is to turn in, say, four unwanted legendary cards and get a guaranteed, but random, legendary card (excludes the cards you’ve turned in).

  • if returns are Classic heroes, you get a different Classic hero
  • if some/all are HotM, there is a chance of getting a different HotM or Classic
  • if some/all are event heroes … ditto

Such a system would address a bit the frustration many of us have with draws today: if you’re missing one of three event heroes, the incentive to draw again from that event are really low. I already have Hatter and QoH; my odds of drawing the missing Aice are one-third of one percent. Ouch.

Anther idea to address this issue was to allow players to tilt the odds of draws away from heroes they already hold.

Franky, I’m in favr of anything that decreases the RNG but avoids blatent P2W.



I to do not want to see the end of E & P, but something needs to be changed in regards to how heroes are drawn. I do not believe the current system is sustainable.


I like your Shards idea. I’ve seen something like it in other games.

I like the idea of exchanging heroes you don’t want for heroes you do want but it doesn’t make sense to me that everytime this idea gets brought up people are like “yeah I’ll just trade 10 5* heroes plus a bunch of other stuff plus gems…” chill. Why are you making such a bad offer? This is like at an auction where something doesn’t even exist so the bid starts at $0 and somebody just comes right out and makes the first offer of $10,000


The number of 5* I put was just a suggestion. As long as the amount we would have to give up is reasonable I’m for it.

there should never be anything implemented allowing people to choose anything. not a single player in this game in two years has been allowed anyone to CHOOSE what hero they get. I dont understand the entitlement that allows people to be like “screw what these other guys went through I want an easy way for things”. like these people were just gifted rosters.

they had to farm, build, and level heroes just like the rest of us and had way less assets to do it with when the game first came out. T

here are so many players with no respect for the hard work of the pioneers like Anchor and UCLAPACK and it’s this attitude of gimmie gimmie with no effort that is ruining gaming as a whole. the odds are clearly laid out and everyone has same odds. options of a building to take extra and exchange them for currency items, or the shard idea I’m all for, but no trading HEROES between players should ever be put into a game like this.

There was no V.I.P , season 2 , cash shop offers any of that when these people started yet they made it to the top. everyone in the game now has it 100 times easier than these people had it yet still complaining.


A variation of my idea was mentioned by Anchor on his stream. If even someone like him who had streams dedicated to this game and tried to help as many people as possible learn and enjoy the game, thought things needed to be changed. That should tell us all something.

I am far from entitled. My hero roster and the time I’ve spent building it up and just improving in the game in general can speak to that. Given what I read in the forums, I’ve been more fortunate then most. I haven’t spent $3500 like Anchor said he has, but I have a similar roster.

So entitled no, want to see the game get better, yes.

This or anything similar implemented would kill the game period…

It would be all P2W left and I can see a lot of the veteran P2W leaving as well.

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I want to see the game get better also but giving people studd for free that people spent two years trying to attain is not the answer at all. I have not spent even a forth of what anchor spent but have been lucky and picky about what deals to get and when to spend my gems.

everyone has this same battle, just as everyone has felt the same frustration of a bad roll that has saved and spent gems on a big roll. the game is set up so that people can’t just pay and win and that’s nice, what’s not nice is with the low odds and people having tight budgets there are not enough ways to plan what to do with what you have as hoarding takes up space, and everyone’s time varies so not being able to get on to try and farm the things you need + the time it takes to attain them is different for all. these things need to be focused on not hand outs.

It would change the balance of the game too much. At the moment you build multiple teams at the same time. This would lead to just one big team. Ok for some titans, but nothing else.

Not sure I follow you Doctor where did I ever say give them a hero for free? I made sure not to mention $ because if you could just spend $49.99 - $99.99 and get the HOTM people would just abuse that. What I mentioned is a system where you have to give existing hero’s and gems. Without both requirements being met you can’t guarantee yourself that hero. The shards system mentioned by Kerridoc would be good as well.

With 4* ascension items you can get them from monthly events, pay for them when the right deal rolls around, mystic vision, fill elemental chests. titans, wars, seasonal events and complete trials like shrikewood.

There aren’t many different options for getting hero’s. The system in place for heroes is designed to get you to keep spending $ for higher tier heroes. That would be okay, if it balanced out a little with a guaranteed way, even if that way isn’t easy to achieve.

Perhaps we may have to agree to disagree and that’s cool. :sunglasses: We seem to all want the same thing and that is the game to continue to have success, but just disagree on how to achieve this.

you keep trying to sneak that word garunteed in. As soon as their is anyway to garuntee heroes then ftp are doomed and if you cant see this then I’m not sure what else to say.