Heroes for Sale? / Ability to Purchase/Buy Heroes

Could it all possible to have some five star heroes for sale at 3000 gems or 1000 Atlantic coins per hero. Only limited supply in a limited time. The RNG summoning is very frustrating and leaves no room for C2P. I know there will be a lot of objections, but just throw my thoughts here

SG will never let you just buy heroes, the only guarantees in this game is ascension items for sale every so often.

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In a previous thread, it was calculated that directly buying a specific classic 5* hero would need to cost more than 40000 gems to be revenue-neutral for SG:

I would imagine that event/Atlantis/HOTM would need to be more than that. So unfortunately, I don’t think this would ever happen unless SG were desperate for money.


The game administrators should make it possible for players to buy heroes the way gems are bought. If possible some heroes could be released randomly for sales everyone month. This will afford the unlucky ones who can’t get 5* through summoning to buy. :grinning:

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I would love to be able to buy heroes but it will never happen, it would change the dynamic of the game, skewering it.(imho)Not to mention company would lose massive amount of money in doing so. Their would be no way to even price heroes (and they would lose so much money) would you pay hundreds of dollars for a single one? I have and didn’t even realize it I’m sure the are many more like me,that just kept pulling and pulling and it kept adding up an up.
Didn’t even realize how much I spent until my husband tallied up my charges. For all I’ve spent on this game we could have gone on a really nice cruise without even realizing it. And that was almost all on gem “deals” …that’s said I would love to be able to buy heroes or even buy a chance to get better odds!

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That is exactly what I mean. Not every 5 star is for sale all the time. Just a selection of them for sale randomly. The target clients are the “unlucky” players.

In addition to making old HotM available via Hero Academy and Tavern of Legends, a random old HotM should be available in the shop each month for a day or two. It can cost around 10k gems.

Too cheap - never gonna happen, especially with ToL online now.

3 things that would happen 5 minutes after the release of this feature:

  1. around 8k f2p users will start one thread about how “paytowin the game became”.
  2. the costs for the hero would be like 10k gems + 10 days waiting to train and everyone would still be mad.
  3. people sometime spend a lot more than 10k gems (for example) to get an event hero.

So, not happening.

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