Heroes equipment

I had an idea of possibility to equip heores with artifacts that could boost their stats. Instead of creating new loot how about using ascension artifacts that aren’t used to boost your heroes? Boost to one or stat or to all but smaller numbers? Or maybe some special bonuses?

In some cases it would need you to decide, upgrade hero or use ascension material as an artifact to equip.

This could also be some special ability of some heroes that they could have more than 1 artifact.

My item examples:

  • Hidden blades - +5% crit damage
  • Warm cloak - +100 HP
  • Sturdy shield - +30 Defence
  • Orb of magic - adds +1 mana to attack (like attack was +1 shield hit)
  • Trap tools - +30 Attack
  • Mystic rings - +1 extra mana per 3 turns
  • Poison darts - 5 poison damage per shield hit for 3 turns
  • Royal tabards - +50 Defence

How do you like the idea?


It’s very good idea :slight_smile: It would be nice to see this in game

That adds a little more diversity on top of which troop you choose for the hero, like it!

not a bad idea.like it

Hey guys , what would you think about items and equipment you could equip your heroes with and doing some individual stuff for your heroes , I mean this game has RPG elements , so why not equipping and doing stuff you can already do in normal RPGs ?
Maybe a lvl up experience Aswell for the heroes you use in fights would be nice

Or gem chaser with an chance from a few percents that you get a gem. I mean you can do autofight for gems in the quests…

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I’m sorry If this is focussed elsewhere, please merge if so.

I’m a new player, started about a month ago. Like everyone I have pros and cons regarding the state of the game in its current format. I won’t get into that here except to say that I do enjoy the efforts being put towards the suggested improvements, and I also enjoy the game and growth at this time.
With that in mind, I’d very much like to see some type of equipment system for the heroes. This would allow favorite heroes to be improved further and would allow variety in them as well. For instance my maxed Bane as of now is exactly the same as yours. Once I receive a Hero with higher maxes all the time spent on him means nothing. I would just begin to improve the new hero. Equipment would allow me to customize him for defense, offense, make him a tank, etc. Giving the heroes more versatility while still maintaining a balance. The maximums for each star group and each hero could exist by just allowing for the flexibility. I think it would be a fun aspect and offer a more in depth layer of strategy, as fighting a Bane with high offense would be different than one with extensive hit points.
Something along those lines could have it’s advantages. Also allowing for the joy of finding (or buying) special equipment adds even more depth.
Thank you for making the effort to even consider these changes.
Happy Farming!

Currently, high level players as well as F2p players have not many options to either find challenge/excitement/ diversity in game or in case of F2p cant climb wall to higher ranks with the drop rariry of special heroes…

Tournament rewards, challenge prizes, high level titans and rare quests HAVE A CHANCE to drop CRYSTAL SHARD.
Finishing certain stages of story mode gives one crystal shard.

Crystal shards alongside materials, such as dragon bones, orichalchum and other matierals of higher rarity would be used for crafting LEGENDARY items, which would be made at advance forge (new building).

LEGENDARY ITEMS can be used to enchance a hero (only 1 item per hero).

3* HEROES gets biggest bonuses from legendary items ( example : 80-150 attack, 80-150 defense, 100-200 hp or boost to mana generation ) // reason being, they got crappiest of equipment currently

4* HEROES gets moderate bonuses from legendary items ( example : 40 - 80 attack, 40- 80 defense, 50-100 hp, or moderate boost to mana generation // reason being, their primary equipment is already good

5* HEROES gets no bonuses from legendary items but can get a certain shift of stats ( boost to attack - loose some defence, boost to defence - loose some attack, boost to mana generation - loose some attack and defence (usefull for slower heroes) // reason being, they already have legendary equipment, so if they wish to use new equipment, they have to throw something away.

Legendary items would be rarer than 4* ascension mats (basically for every 10 4*AM - you get 5 crystal shards on average, and you require 4 to craft one legendary item (alongside other materials)

3 types of legendary items : // example for 3* HEROES

LEGENDARY SWORD * focuses heavier on attack stat, less on defense, average on HP
LEGENDARY SHIELD * focuses heavier on defense stat, less on attack, high on HP
LEGENDARY HAT * focuses on mana generation boost, medium attack, less on defense, low on HP (legendary hat can be used only for slow and very slow heroes)
LEGENDARY CAPE * focuses on health boost, lowers attack, lowers defense, increase casters special dmg and healing by 5% stacking to 20%. ( option for faster caster type heroes)

This addition would bring 3* and 4* more into the mix, offer more diversity to approaches, and give legendary 5* SLOW heroes better chance to compete with fast heroes.

It wouldnt be gamebreaking since every player can only equip few heroes, beacuse of the rarity…
Reset buttons item can uneqip hero of legendary item and you can put it on some other hero.


added :

5* Heroes, who are already heavily invested into one stat, would already carry (in case of Telluria) ‘’ invisible’’ legendary shield item) and you can only take them offensive route. Since she isnt slow, you cant also put legendary hat item on her :wink:

In case of Azlar (heavily on offense and slow), you can put legendary shield item (def buff for some attack debuff) or wizard hat ( increase to average for some attack and defense stat)

6 hours have passed and nobody wants legendary loot? That kinda tells us something.

However, the suggestion reminds me of Ragnarok Online with all the items and weapons, etc. What’s next? Slots? Cards? I love it.

I would love some Legendary Loot

I’ve been calling for adding gear forever here and it’s largely deaf ears. You may want to post in the ideas section for this. It’s where the powers that be may see it.

That said, what it looks like your gear would do is raise a 3* to a higher level to make it at least in a ballpark with 4’s and 4’s closer to 5’s. This is probably a non-starter for SG. People chasing heroes in summons is their moneymaker, and anything that may lessen that isn’t going to go far with them, even if breaking up the meta would be nice.

I understand your point. Thank you!

Why I dont believe it will be that big of a deal is :

A) shards are rare/ expensive, so you wont be able to see people parading around with a set of team of 5 legendary items ( probably 1 or 2, depending on how long the player play)

B) you cant change legendary items at will to other hero (you need to use a reset button), so you will rather equip a 4 star or fine tune 5* hero (for example Azlar, who would otherwise sit on bench, would now be usefull at average speed with a bit of decrease in stats)

C) It would give whales another reason to spend

D) Legendary heroes most of the times, have far better abilites on their own, comparable to 4 stars. So you probably will like to fine tune your 5* hero

E) It gives F2P or people with extreme unluck chance to make themselves close to a 5* hero, and thus reducing just a bit a gambling effect. But you still strive for 5* hero

This and all of the other suggestions wouldn’t “break” the meta but would push the same META even harder… Just think about a Telluria with lowered Atk and a boosted Def/HP :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that your idea is a possible future implementation, basically with this we would be able to choose the stats we would boost instead of having to follow something obliged yet suboptimal as talent trees.

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Good observation Fravita93, but easily taken care of.

Heroes, who are already heavily invested into one stat, would already carry (in case of Telluria) ‘’ invisible’’ legendary shield item) and you can only take them offensive route. Since she isnt slow, you cant also put legendary hat item on her :wink:

In case of Azlar (heavily on offense and slow), you can put legendary shield item (def buff for some attack debuff) or wizard hat ( increase to average for some attack and defense stat)


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Sounds like adding a 3rd category of stat boosters

So we would have troops/emblems/legendary items

I think emblems already screwed things up quite a bit and the game hasn’t fully recovered from that shakeup

A lot of players are still working on troops

A lot of players are still working to use 30 5s in war instead of a mix of 4s/5s or 3s/4s/5s

I think this would create another unwanted bottleneck imo

Sure it would help f2p at first but once the things are more available through purchase or some new advanced building or rare titans(that p2w players see more of than anyone else) etc etc

It would end up givin an edge to long term / p2w and making a bigger gap between them and f2p similar to what the “stat boosters” implemented in the past already have done

Maybe I’m readin it all wrong so will look again later

But that’s my thoughts at first glance


Hey Rigs, thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Can you please elaborate why you think, it will make bigger gap?

One reason I can see with p2w players, have bigger chance in obtaining it trough sales or defeating some high end quest f2p have harder time. This mean, on average, p2w players get more shards than f2p.


P2w players already have behemots for heroes and this shards doesnt necessarily make heroes stronger, since items on 5 star heroes purpose would be to shift stats (one general example : legendary shield to Isarnia with high attack stat means , she would get 30 def but loose 40 attack. For those players, I see it more as another means of playing with their heroes (which become static after 4/80/ 20 emblems.

But crafted legendary item for 4* hero (which are easier to obtain for f2p than 5* heroes, wouldnt work as a stat shift, but as stat boost! And even bigger stat boost for 3* hero.

So in general, p2w players would use crystal shards as means to explore diff styles to heroes, make new approaches to current META at the costs of some stats, while f2p could ramp up their 4* squad closer to 5* teams. There would be less noticable difference in stats with equipped 4* vs 5* and 5* normally still have better spells.

With this items, you can push for example Noor (to average speed at the cost of attack and deff stats) / only slow or very slow heroes can use legendary hat item)?, or buff hansel or give proteus some more survivablity or wilbur … picture Nordri with legendary item :slight_smile: New meta almost right there :stuck_out_tongue:

With legendary items, you can afford going into war not only with 5* :wink:


SG is in the business of making money… I accept that. But they want to get people to spend by adding more heroes and more heroes and oh even more heroes.
The new heroes are creating a serious power creep. Many have expressed concerns that S4 heroes will ultimately make most other heroes obsolete due to the huge gap in stats between them and most other heroes in the game. If this proves to be true F2P and C2P will not be able to keep up like they do now.

I propose that instead of pumping out so many new heroes to instead start pumping up things that can make heroes more playable. Something that is as hard to get as any other 4/5* hero due to summoning odds at the portals. I propose some examples.

Example 1:
Mounts - Horses, dragons, giant snakes, sea turtles, giant hawks, elephants, etc etc.
Each mount can provide unique bonuses to the hero such as : mana speed, dodge, attack,def,hp, crit, pierce, reflect etc. Every mount could be made in different elements, purple horse, red horse, green horse etc, each with its own abilities. The color of the mount determines the color of the hero that can use it. There can be 3/4/5* versions of each mount. Mounts can be restricted to certain types of heroes such as by season, release date, etc. Mounts could give certain heroes more of a bonus versus other heroes. An additional bonus could be given like a family bonus for using multiple mounts of the same kind such as using all horses.

All of these mounts could be available during one mount summon portal available all the time or during a special event, added into certain summon portals or a mix of all of the above.

Example 2:
Enchanted weapons and armor. Each item can provide unique bonuses such as:: mana speed, dodge, attack,def,hp, crit, pierce, reflect etc. Weapons can come in colors and rarity pretty much the same as Example 1 just different names and artwork.

If this were implemented it COULD allow power creep to be addressed. It COULD increase revenue for SG. It SHOULD at least add some variety.


And what about coins or keys or whatever used to summon them. How would one earn them, etc, etc, etc…

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