Heroes equipment


I had an idea of possibility to equip heores with artifacts that could boost their stats. Instead of creating new loot how about using ascension artifacts that aren’t used to boost your heroes? Boost to one or stat or to all but smaller numbers? Or maybe some special bonuses?

In some cases it would need you to decide, upgrade hero or use ascension material as an artifact to equip.

This could also be some special ability of some heroes that they could have more than 1 artifact.

My item examples:

  • Hidden blades - +5% crit damage
  • Warm cloak - +100 HP
  • Sturdy shield - +30 Defence
  • Orb of magic - adds +1 mana to attack (like attack was +1 shield hit)
  • Trap tools - +30 Attack
  • Mystic rings - +1 extra mana per 3 turns
  • Poison darts - 5 poison damage per shield hit for 3 turns
  • Royal tabards - +50 Defence

How do you like the idea?


It’s very good idea :slight_smile: It would be nice to see this in game


That adds a little more diversity on top of which troop you choose for the hero, like it!


not a bad idea.like it