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I did not find a proposal that came close to my idea so I created a subject.
If such a topic already exists, please merge me with …

Add an encyclopedia of heroes in the game.

It would contain all the existing heroes of the game, in order to allow everyone to know the heroes (even those that we do not have) without having to wait for the next summoning portal.

The heroes would be classified by origin, in portrait form. By clicking on a portrait, the hero’s card at the maximum level is displayed with the different possibilities to obtain it (Event, hero academy, training camps …)

As long as the player has not obtained a hero for the first time, his protrait remains “gray” but still clickable. Once obtained, the portrait is “colored”.

Once a family is completed, the player gets a small bonus to reward their time spent in the game collecting all of the heroes (or purchasing Summons, as desired)

All this can also apply to costumes …

Benefits for players:

  • Know, discover all the existing heroes ALWAYS up to date.
  • The “gotta-catch-them-all” side that makes you want to continue playing even when the game gets boring (no more new heroes in the draws, slow phases in the evolution of the deck, etc …)
  • The rewards for completing a family that gives a feeling of achievement

Advantages for SG:

  • Makes you want to buy summons to complete your collection
  • Always be able to show the heroes up to date.
  • Announcement system for new heroes: “A new challenger is approaching”

What do you think ?

(Translate from French, sorry if I made some mystakes)

Here is a similar idea:

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