Heroes doing no damage and weird mana drain?

Hey all. This doesn’t even rise to the level of anecdotal but some alliances members have noticed 2 strange issues and I’m wondering if anyone else is expiriencing this.

One member has been saying for months that once in a while, seemingly randomly that if multiple heroes are full mana charged that firing one heroes special reduces mana for one or more other heroes. Also, at times specials seem to do no damage at all with no defense buff on the opponent that would cause it in raids and war.

I have been ignoring this but today in my final two war matches the later happened to me. For example, the opponent had crow minions, i hit with isarnia, horgall and aznough specials and none of the minions or heroes took damage. I cannot think of a known mechanic that would account for that.

Any one else?

About mana drain, heroes from S3 can drain mana on death so this is what could happening.

Not hitting with special, I can think only about 2 things
C.Kadilen dodge buff

If this happen to you again make some screeenshots and add them here, its always helpfull to actally saw what happen


Good suggestions. Those are both things i considered and I’ve never personally experiences the mana drain so that’s a possibility I’ll take to my team member. With the no damage done issue, in my case there were no defense buffs in place for the opponent, that’s why it’s so strange an it actually happened twice today in war.

It’s tough thing to screenshot without constantly screen recording but I’ll see if I can document this somehow. Thanks

Who are the opposing heroes?

I had that happen not long ago. I took screens of it. It was frustrating to say that least

Think there are random bugs here and there that affect live game performance. One rush war, 6 red tiles didn’t fire up GM but fired up Vanda and BT. My mana troops are minimum 24. It was absolutely frustrating cos the board was not in my favour. I lost that match, of course.

Was one of the opposing heroes a sorceror whose talent kicked in?

No. I checked for that immediately. Checked my team. Nope. Nothing. Just one of the things.

Out of frustration, post match, I went to revenge raid with the exact same team. Guess what … GM fired up on 6 tiles but Vanda didn’t. Again I checked … nope no mana curbs of any sort. It was just one of those days for me.

This is one of those times where you know you should have recorded the matches? The issue is, I feel, is that you can’t effectively deal with minions. They are bastards.

Normally now, if I think something weird just happened, I usually run with, my brain has a malfunction most probably (I’m not understanding something), not the app. Bugs do appear, but SG is usually all over the ones that affect game play or loot.

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