Heroes Do not Match Classes

How they managed to make Gandalf I mean Melendor not a wizard and Gimli <cough) I mean Kiril a wizard will forever haunt me.

It’s like they were worried about a lawsuit from Tolkien or something.


Tyrum as paladin is the best.

“Tyrum, you are a dark element zombie!”
“Shut up, i’m a paladin now b***h!”



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Rigs: What would that change do to guin?

They could boost her healing, her mana drain or her protection. The simplest would be the protection from dark. That would give some benefit without undo stress on the haters. It would also match what I suggested for Kiril. If you read other posts, we will be talking about how great GM is and have forgotten about Guinevere very soon.

Please tell me that these unusual class choices weren’t a weak attempt at play balance! That would just be sad.

It was a weak attempt at play balance from my understanding. And they already nerfed guins defense buff against dark, why would they bring a feature that undoes that?

Just curious btw not really debating since i dont think we’ll see a whole lot of changes until we see maxed class heros

I kinda like that folks’re so bent out of shape because the game’s classification system doesn’t fit into their assumed stereotypes. Reminds of the hubbub over Skittleskulls private parts.

Anyone who’s been keeping up with Dungeons and Dragons over the last few years knows that they, too, have had fun recently expanding and complicating their classification system. Paladins in 5th Edition no longer need be lawful good. Dwarves can be wizards. Wizards can be women, or wield scepters, or be Lexi Belle lookalikes.

Gravemaker is the funniest, I suppose, given his moniker, but it’s not like he (or she?) can’t multiclass. Grave is a 7th level barbarian and a 4th level druid. :joy:

The hat alone demands wizard classification, and even if you ignored the wardrobe, still come on SG, its Gandalf! Everyone knows he’s a wizard.

But, on the other hand. This one isnt so bad if you’re willing to bend a bit.

Google definitions:




1. a priest, magician, or soothsayer in the ancient Celtic religion.

Magician = Mage

Mages & Wizards = ehh pretty dang close

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100% agree. I think it’s a ploy to make us chase after a select few whose specials and classes fit perfectly eg Gravey


You all must admit that there is surely 1 hero that’s spot on…

Merlin is a wizard :smiley:


Exactly, now we have axe and trap wielding wizzard in Kashhrek. Pretty sure it was done to nerf them down…

Cpt.Ahab: I kinda like that folks’re so bent out of shape because the game’s classification system doesn’t fit into their assumed stereotypes.

That was not the primary concern. My biggest issue is when the class doesn’t match the hero’s skillset. We can call them class 1 to 10 as long as the talent fits the special powers. Adding a hero to a class where they do not specifically benefit is pointless.

I hear ya, Jim. I guess I just don’t think the classes matter all that much, in terms of synergy with a particular hero’s special.

Leveling up any hero’s class will help that hero tremendously. And though I’d much rather the game designers work to produce greater parity among heroes by buffing the obviously lesser legendaries (Elkanen, Horghall, Thorne, Justice, etc.), I don’t mind really mind if some of the better heroes get a minor nerf by not being put into the perfect class for their particular special.

None of the class effects are particularly devastating or overly advantageous—its the massive boost to health and defense that will be game-changing.


You have to blame @JonahTheBard for this classing. If you read Gravemaker’s backstory as told by the bard, GM is a fallen Druid who has been lost to Barbarism.

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Example of a bowless ranger and his equipment

Just one thing to say.

Bane … monk?!?

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Yup. Sort of a Shaolin Monk kinda thing, a la David Carradine in Kung Fu. He’s wandering the world kicking some $#@.

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This game gets weirdier every update. From the beginning I’ve noticed it, for example to ascend kiril or boril to tier 3 u need TALL Boots! Man, these are dwarves!


That’s awesome! I don’t know if you’ve ever been to this thread, but I think you might enjoy it.

Yeah this fits ridiculous complaints, such as Kashrek needing tall boots… A big Lizard!

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