Heroes disappearing while leveling

I always feed heroes one by one. I swear that recently, feeder heroes are disappearing! I will pull 9 or 10 feeders from the training camps, feed one to a hero, and think “that’s strange, I swear there are fewer left than there should be”. This will happen repeatedly and at the end of the session I’ll realize that I only got to feed 3 or 4 of the 9 or 10 I pulled. The others just disappeared! I’ve probably lost dozens of heroes this way at this point.

Have the same problem my needler character I I have been leveling up a lot vanished yesterday. I got a new needler so went to level up into the stronger one and it was just gone. I had fought with him in the tournament just a very short time before this happened anyone know how to get them back?

Happened again last night, this time I an certain. I had about 10 1s and 2s just pulled from training camps. I noted that there were 2 green 1*s in the bunch. I fed the first one to Melendor, went to feed him the second one… and it was GONE. The act of feeding one caused the second one to also disappear!

I will start checking my heroes progress bars before and after to see whether I can figure out whether the missing feeders are getting fed even though they’re not selected. This hadn’t occurred to me. It would at least be less frustrating – I would at least feel that I hadn’t completely lost those feeders. But it would still be a serious bug. You’re supposed to be able to choose whether to feed one at a time or all at once, not be forced to feed all similar heroes when you select only one. Besides, what if I wanted to feed each of those to a different hero, not all to Melendor? The game shouldn’t be auto-feeding unselected heroes (if that’s what it’s doing, and not just deleting them).

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