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Looking at the topic of “players around the world” and the posts in which individuals identify their origins, we can get a sense of how great the diversity of peoples and cultures in our community is.

With that in mind, I would like to propose an exercise to the foristas so that we know a little about each other’s culture, folklore and legends.

I would like you to nominate one (or more) character from the folklore or culture of your country that you would like to see portrayed as a hero in the game. Tell him who he is, a bit of his history, his capabilities, and put in an art if possible so we can better visualize it.

Then give this character traits of heroes, such as rarity (3 * to 5 *), element, class, mana speed, attack, defense, and HP stats, and if prefer elemental link.

To illustrate, I will cite a character from my country’s culture / folklore in a post below.


I thought of a heroine based on Brazilian folklore, belonging to a pantheon worshiped by indigenous tribes in the pre-Columbian period, more common among the Tupi-Guarani.

Jaci - goddess of the moon, protector of creation after twilight. She helped his father and brother create the universe. “The Queen of the Night”.

Hero 5 *
Level: 783
Element: Ice
Class: Monk
Mana Speed: Medium

Attack: 730. Defense: 760. HP: 1390

Special: Moon Charm.

  • Reduces 20% mana of all enemies.
  • Regain 40% of all allies’ lives.
  • Summoner and nearby allies are immune to 3-turn status evils. It cannot be undone.
  • Disperses negative status and diseases of all allies.
  • Disperses reinforcements from all enemies.
  • All allies reflect all status effects and 115% damage to enemies’ Special Nature abilities back to the attacker for 4 turns.

Art by Bianca Duarte.


Siegfried from the Nibelungen-Saga. A germanic literaric protagonist.

He would be an ideal titan slayer because his story is about him, the dragon killer.
For more info, google.


His special? I’ve got no Idea. Maybe a top target hitter (like Lianna) but with a self wound or def down on himself (like the bunnies). That would match his history cause he was undefeatable except for one point on his back. That’s because he bathed in a river(?) of immortality but a leaf covered his back and that was the vulnerable point.

Btw: nice thread idea!
Edited data:

Hero: 5*
Element: Nature
Class: Fighter
Mana Speed: fast

Attack: 777 defense: 702 HP: 1397

  • Deals 520% damage to the target
  • Caster get his defense down by 25’% for 4 Turns

I’ve heard of Siegfried. In more than one media, inclusive. Very interesting story. Excellent character.


Wow! I’m brazilian too! Loved the teme of the topic. As I live in Bahia, I will talk about an orisha, an Afro-Brazilian god. He was brought to Brazil by African slaves and is still worshiped to this day.

Xangô - is the god of justice, thunder, lightning and fire. He has a violent temper, like the elements he represents, but his anger never surpasses his justice. He is a great warrior and strategist.

Hero 5 *

Level: 778

Fire element

Class: Barbarian

Mana Speed: Fast

Attack: 750 - Defense: 720 -HP: 1400

Special: Fire in the sky

  • Deals 210% damage to all enemies.

  • All enemies gain -25% defense for 3 turns.

  • All allies gain + 36% critical strike chance for 3 turns.

  • Deals extra damage against Nature.


Saci is a very funny character from Brazilian culture. An interesting feature is that it has only one leg. But, it moves quite skillfully, as it moves within a cyclone.

He lives in the woods and likes to play games with people and animals. His favorite game is to make things go away.


I imagined Saci as a hero 4*
Element: Fire
Class: Rogue
Mana Speed: Very Fast

Attack: 660 - Defense: 780 -HP: 960

Special: The fury of the wind

  • Reduces mana of target and nearby enemies by 18%;

  • Deals 110% damage to target and nearby enemies.


Very cool! I love Saci Pererê. He was immortalized by Monteiro Lobato in the books and series of the Yellow Woodpecker Site.


Here’s one from Australian history.

Ned Kelly

He was an Australian bush Ranger (see outlaw) who was a child of an Australian convict. He was affiliated with some less famous bush rangers and was in a gang of horse & cow theives called Greta mob
After a rather violent run in with the po-po Kelly was indicted for the murder of a police officer. Went on the run for ankther 2 years (killed a couple more police along the way). Eventually the police tracked down Kelly and his Gang and in the final shootout Kelly was captured (severely injured from the fight). Was sentenced and hung.

He is most notably known in Australian history as wearing a rudimentary bullet proof armour in the final fight with police. His final words on the gallows were “Such is Life”

Dark Hero
Fighter class
Special: last stand

  • deals 200% damage to the target. Scales with percentage of health missing at time of casting
  • Gains 60% damage invulnerability for 4 turns. Increases by 5% for each dead enemy and ally.

I searched for Ned Kelly on the internet. His story is truly interesting. No wonder he became a legend. I’m going to look for his two films, one starring Mick Jagger and the other starring the eternal Joker, Heath Ledger. The circumstances of his arrest are really cinematic. Amazing.

Thanks for the contribution.


Hey wait a minute…

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Not quite what I was meaning :stuck_out_tongue:

Attacking portion is in direct damage (not a buff). Defensive portion is more a damage reduction. So reduces the damage taken by 60-100%

His (BK) is more aimed at the Monty Python stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


No need for a Romanian feedback… I guess, is (obviously) Dracula. I’ve also seen a lots of Romanian alliances using this character in their names.

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Surely there is other cool Romanian folk-lore?

I mean Victor and Valeria are kinda already aimed at covering off the Dracula side of things (especially if you compare to the Bram Stoker telling).

Yeah, I was too lazy to put the pictures side-by-side, but I was thinking mainly of the similarities in armor. I have to think that Monty Python took some inspiration from Kelly when they created that character.

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Alfred the Great, King of Wessex and Bane of Vikings!

Part of his special is resist all status ailments of S.3 (i.e. Norse) heroes!


Plus they could flesh out the rest of Robin Hood characters to go with LJ and Tuck - Robin, Maid Marion, Will Scarlet, Sheriff of Nottingham.


He would be an excellent hero for the S 3.

I don’t know how SG has not used these elements yet. Very good idea.


Thanks. And my Portuguese is better than I remember :rofl:


This is a cool thread.

I will do something later to be sure when i have gathered info


Be very welcome, @Saphirra.


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