Heroes Chest - Platinum vs Diamond

I have researched the forums on this topic re the difference between loots. I have not seen a clear answer similar to Titan loot Tier where we already know the number of rolls you get from each level of Titan.

Do we have this information, I am in a position to chase Diamond but not sure whether it will be worth the effort. Can someone clarify this issue if possible

@Kerridoc You kindly answered my question re Titan loot Tier and I started to put the effort in order to get that next Tier whenever available, I agree that (although still a limited sample size) I have seen an improvement in the loot. If you can kindly shed light in this as well, would be much appreciated

Many thanks

I have noted very little improvement in loot myself, although I do note that I get emblems just slightly more often from opening in Diamond over Platinum. This isn’t proof of anything though, I haven’t done a in detail report. Regardless even with my own experience the difference is very small.

It‘s hard to tell percentages… But diamond is better than platinum and your goal should be to open your chest in diamond if possible. It‘s better! In the end it doesn matter if its „5% or 15%“ better :wink:

I’m not aware of any systematic study of the difference between loot tiers. 4* ascension mats are so rare, it would be tough to get good numbers.

In diamond i notice more trainer heroes thrown in and also more emblems. Small, but still noteworthy.


Many thanks for the helpful responses

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