Heroes caster Is this OK?

Whats your question?

Guessing asking about roster, in that case it looks like you have a decent batch of heroes to work with, although your leveling is spread out.

Looking at pictures, keep all your 3 and 4* of course but focus on leveling one of each color at a time with 1 and 2* heroes of the matching color until they hit 3-50.

I’d also choose belith to lvl in green so you have a few heals, and run her in place of Sabina once she gets higher levels. Idk I hope that helps

What’s about Hawkmoon and Sha Ji ?

Why would you run Belith over Sabina? They both have the same special but Sabina has waaay better stats. If it’s to save a slot for Balthazar, rainbow attack teams are terrible.

Belith is maxed much faster and does not need ascension materials.

Temporary placeholders. 3* heroes will be replaced. Even 4* heroes will be replaced though that’ll take longer.

I’d say go with the team you have right now, it’ll work. You have a healer, you have two snipers, you have a debuffer, and you have AoE+DoT goodness. All heroes worth ascending even though they may not become part of a long term team, you’ll still have use for them in AW and events.

Berden/Ishtak could replace Balthazar for a rainbow team, but Balthazar is really nice and those greens aren’t really that much worth it, so keep Bally.

No they’re not. They are the most reliable raiding teams, I lose 1 out of 10 raids with mine. Doubling against the tank does indeed allow you to hit above your weight more, but also has a higher losing rate. For 40 hero chest farming rainbow raiding is king.

Belith only if you need a 2nd healer. Sabina is the primary healer.

Of course you are right but if you look at the fastest way to a usefull rainbow team you take the most advanced heroes, Bane , Colen, Balthasar and Ulmer this leaves you with a green slot that can be filled with Belith.

You might even train up Nashgar first so you can play beginner monthly events.

If the beginner events are not important to you and you take your time you can go with Bane, Colen, Ulmer, Sabina and Berden or Brienne.

I would go with the first variant because it gives you more possibilities faster looking at it from the starting point of view.

I guess so you would have 1 of each color but dbl purple and no green would get by as well. I just doubt they will be able to ascend Sabina for awhile.

Bonjour, mon équipe est composé de Richard 4 emblèmes, Marjana 3 , Evelyn 6 , Drake fong 6 et Kunchen 3 , dans cette ordre. Est ce le bon ?


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