Heroes being half charged after using special


I’m quite sure this has happened to me a few times since last update. A hero in defence has just released a special attack and the mana bar is still filled halfway. I specifically notice it happen with Hel but also think it has happened when playing against lianna. Anyone else that has noticed this or am I only dreaming? It might be in combination with blind.

Edit: after tests and also input in thread below it is confirmed that when heroes miss special attacks because of low accuracy they will retain a outback half their mana. It is so far not confirmed if this is intended feature or bug.

@Petri has confirmed in thread below that this is an intended feature of lowered accuracy.


I don’t have Hel, but several players have complained about her special interfering with other hero’s Mana gain. Not sure if this has been resolved, nor how wide-spread it is (my players do not report this error).


Thx rook. Yes there are already several threads on Hel’s special. if I’m correct though, this is is not a issue with Hel specifically since I think it has happened with other heroes as well. But like I said, I’m not completely sure. It might just me being frustrated loosing raids and inventing something to blame it on.


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This is a real bug(or a new feature they havent told anyone about haha!) It has happened to me several times now.

An enemy hero uses their special power, and is only charged half the mana.

It has happened with Justice, Hel and Joon.

Last time was just now with Joon.
He missed his attack on my hero, can it be linked to the blind ability?

2017-07-17, 22:04ish (cet+1)


XHey Fledoble,

Very interesting you have seen this too and also, like I mentioned in first post, that you think it might be in some combination with blind. I do think it happened to me when the defending hero had been blinded by joon and missed.

Edit: maybe I’m not crazy after all.


Ok I’ve now confirmed this glitch.

I don’t know if it happens every time but it might.

If a hero that is blinded misses then only about half of their mana is used.


I think this is normal behavior. With Wu Kong’s Special active, my other heroes often miss their special and that leaves them with 50% mana.


It didn’t do that earlier did it? I can’t see this change has been mentioned in the release notes.

It makes blind much less viable and sometimes even helps the defenders since the special effect always hits anyway.


This was introduced in 1.4: Status effect Blind also affects the accuracy of offensive Special Skills


Well, yes of course that’s when it was introduced that blind affected special but when was it introduced that a hero that misses while blinded keeps half of their mana?


When my heros use the special ability when blinded and miss, they lose all their mana.

But when the opponent miss when blinded, they only lose half?

Thats inconsistent.

And as Evan writes. It says nothing about the mana cost being changed.

@Petri: Bug or hidden mechanic?


I just tested this again with Wu Kong’s special active (-35% accuracy). If I miss special attack, hero loses 50% mana. Secondary effects always hit (defence debuff, blind, attack debuff, dmg over time etc.) This is undocumented but has been the same since 1.4 release.

EDIT: when 1.4 was released, heals, attack buffs etc (not direct dmg specials) could miss too but they changed that later.


Thx jorma. True, they also changed how the effects could miss. I haven’t played Wu myself but it his special has always been a bit special. Both in the amount lowered accuracy but also how it’s damage buff stacks with other’s like boldtusk special. I don’t think the blind spell has been the same as Wu’s gamble. In general really hate these undocumented changes. I really like trying to set up a strategy but it makes it difficult


I have now attacked while my heroes are blinded and they also keep half of their mana when missing. I’m sure this is reasonable new feature. Test was done two times with joon being blinded by joon. Ping @Fledoble


Ok! Good to know! Thanks @jorma!

@Petri and @RubiKinga
Feel free to post all changes made so we can adapt our playstyle and not get annoyed with featuers we otherwise confuse with possible bugs


@Petri @RubiKinga @mhalttu

I’m experiencing this bug as well quite often. Horghall just used his special and instantly had 50% mana the next turn.


Did he miss?

That’s what happens to me facing Bane / HT / Justice / others.

Edit: Just saw others posted this too, sort of guessing this isn’t a bug and is working as intended.


I believe it’s an interesting nuance as to why it’s happening, but at the same time I don’t care. I want the devs to stop making stealth nerfs and updates to the game without telling anyone. They need to start releasing patch notes BEFORE the patch comes out. This post is over two weeks old and not a single comment from the devs.


Hi, as many of you have suggested, this doesn’t sound like a bug but a feature.

Key points:

  • Blindness and Gambler’s Stance can cause specials to miss.
  • The way this works at the moment is that if your special misses, you will still retain 50% of the mana.
  • We have not made these changes recently or in secret
  • Version 1.3: Gambler’s Stance also affects the accuracy of Special Skills, not just the physical attacks.
  • Version 1.4: Status effect Blind also affects the accuracy of offensive Special Skill

I hope this helps to clarify the situation.

Mana glitch?