Heroes animation vs picture

I was just wondering how is it that some coder/developer can put in the time to make the heroes move when you click on their picture and some heroes are just still picture. I would have expected after 3 years of this game being release, they would have standards that all newly release heroes such as the ninja heroes would all have animation when you click on their picture, but instead, you get still picture in some of them. If ssg looked at the coder who created those still picture of heroes, it’s probably the same minimalist lazy coder that does it. Okay, done venting.

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I had a similar thought a while back on this but posted it on a different section of the forum

From May 2020:

Never got a response from Staff but some of the forum regulars chimed in with their thoughts:

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Thanks for chiming in, I just wondered why, especially with this ninja heroes, I would have thought the legendary heroes would all have animation to their magnified view

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Unfortunately nothing concretely known. Just guesses :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Guvnor, it’s almost a disappointment sometimes. It’s like you have an old car with cassette deck, and you finally get a new car and hoping for a Bluetooth stereo inside, just to find out, it’s still a cassette deck. LOL

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Zeitgeist, i am amazed that this matters. Why not simply view animation as a nice extra? To me this sounds like ‘Hey, i am bored…what else can I/we complain about?’ It’s just petty.

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You don’t find the animation to be a nice aspect of it? I understand if all the cards were still picture, but why some but not the others. I guess an inquiry mind becomes a complainer to others that has no desire to know. But thank you for chiming in Samantha. Have a good day.

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I actually noticed one of the heroes I was up against moving, and it instantly made me fear him more! :smile: Animations clearly matter :grin:


My latest head cannon is all animations were discontinued but the QA team, and Alpha testers, complained. So staff now gets a personal animation budget for animating their favorite new heroes.


@Petri is bored on Wednesday each week so uses part of his company shares to fund private projects guaranteed to add variety to forum complaints like “X hero should be fixed”, “Summons is rigged”, “Ascension items/ Emblems are too scarce”, “Taco Tuesday should be a thing in the staff cafeteria since forum staff are English proficient”, “Players are cheating”, etc.

makes as much as sense as just about anything SG does

if it wasn’t half a**ed, it wouldn’t have SG authenticity

Fun Fact:
If you have Gretel, in her animation she closes her eyes for a tiny fraction of a second. If you exit the animation at exactly the moment, the card itself will have the eyes closed as well…


@Petri please don’t leave us guessing…
Any clues?

I’ve wondered this, too. Not complaining - just curious. Thanks for raising it.

I would like to see animations on all heroes. It’s not that they have to design again from scrath. Just some moving body part would do some wonders.

I wonder the same thing, animation give the character depth. My only conclusion is that they put animation into a select number of heros because it takes effort.

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