Heroes and troops in stages

Hi all

I was wondering if anybody else is seeing a distinct lack of awarded heroes and troops when completing stages.

The last two days I’ve been using my world energy farming, as per the norm. I’ve always felt there were a decent amount of heroes/troops awarded. But over today and yesterday I’ve hardly had any show up.

For instance I’ve just played every stage of S1 Level 8 and not had a single hero. This afternoon I played all through S1 level 5 twice (a usually rewarding level) and there also, not a single hero. Yesterday was the same to the point it seemed odd. I found a hero or troop twice or three times at the most all day.

It’s just a bit annoying and wondered if this was crazy bad luck randomness or some change implemented?

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Hi Jonah. Thanks for the reply and fair enough.

We battle on through the choppy waters :o)


An apt sentiment :slightly_smiling_face:

And a nice little avatar you got too

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