Heroes and tiles

when a hero of a certain element is missing from the board, so should their tiles (no hero of the blue element, no blue tiles). figure it out devs

So if I have just blue heros only blue tiles should be the whole board?

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read it again… if a blue hero IS MISSING (AKA - NOT BEING USED) … then the board should be FREE OF BLUE TILES

Right so if I don’t use yellow red purple or green heros all that is left are blue tiles. Or are you saying the defense also counts in this


didnt think about that aspect LOL…

but original message was meant for both partys, yes

Yeah I mean basicly it would just be a full board match continue cascade till I win

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or opponent, depending on heroes

Yeah still not gonna happen either way

yeah… watching a good movie while trying to figure out it my mind… didnt think about the full board deal… thanx for pointing that out!

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