Heroes and teams that are Anti-Guinevere

When I started playing this game, Guin had already made her way to the top of the tank list. While people may debate about her usefulness in other positions, offenses and titans, it’s pretty much unanimous that there is no other when it comes to tanking (for now).

I took note of this when I started playing and made sure that I not only got her on my roster when she came back around, but developed a way to counter her as well. Reading the boards you would be hard pressed not to find someone claiming the next (usually purple) hero an “Anti-Guin”. That and their ire over her representation and difficulty.

As I made it to the top of the raid rankings (always accidently) I found that the most common practice of stacking 3 or more purple heroes might not be the best tactic for me. It works, but there had to be a another way.

Enter the controllers.

Controllers are those heroes that stop casting of specials by silencing, halting mana gain or take mana away. I built my bench with as many as I can (I’m only missing one) because I found that it is not only very effective against Guin teams, but all the other teams as well. Adding 2-3 of these to your team usually means Guin only goes off once…if at all. I have purposely left off slow heroes as they won’t charge up fast enough. Fast heroes are better and its best to have at least one (even if it’s a 4*)

Purple – (adds benefit of extra purple damage)

Hel / 5* / Average / Mana stop for 3 targets for 3 turns
Proteus / 4* / Average / Mana stop for 3 targets for 3 turns
Merlin / 4* / Average / Stops casting for 3 turns on single target and resets mana if it reaches full


Guinevere / 5* / Average / Reduces all targets mana 20%
Leonidas / 5* / Average / Reduces single target mana 40%
Gretel / 4* / Average / Stops casting for 3 turns on a single target and resets mana to 50% if full.
Chao / 4* / Fast / Reduces single target mana 25%
LiXiu / 4* / Average / Reduces all targets mana 25%

*I debated adding Inari to this list as she gives a 56% to dodge specials.


Alasi / 5* / Fast / Reduces mana generation 24% for 3 turns


Peters / 4* / Fast / Stops casting for 3 turns
Hansel / 4* / Fast / Stops casting for 3 turns on a single target and resets mana to 50% if full.


Mitsuko / 5* / Average / Reduces 3 targets mana 20%
Natalya / 5* / Fast / Reduces single target mana generation 54% for 4 turns
Red Hood / 5* / Average / Minions block mana drain

I don’t have Alasi or Inari and Mitsuko still has to be leveled. I have and use all the others and switch the colors out depending on my opponents setup. For Guin my offense team is

Greg – Merlin – Guin - Hel- Boldtusk

Again, I’m not saying this is the best way, but an option if stacking isn’t working for you.

Yup controllers are good for it. But I still find your team weird. Guin does not bring that much to the team and not sure about gregs usefulness either.
I would try swapping bold to red hood (both healers, both average, but hood is more geared to counter guin), guin to hansel (a better and faster controller), and greg to something (maybe Lianna or Magni).

Greg is just my best sniper at the moment. Sometimes I swap out Red Hood and Boldtusk. Ill probably swith out Merlin when my second Hel is leveled.

Guin has been a staple on all my offense and if it goes bad, she is usually the last one standing. Her and Hel are locked in. I run 2 Guins when I face a purple tank.

After testing 2 or 3 purple against Guin, I have found it’s not a good idea (for me), If I let her special go, it protect also the flanks and my purple make nothing good.
Now I look not at Guin but at others: Gravemaker, I bring 3 blues, two purples, I bring 3 yellows and Guin don’t save the flanks of their fate and die by tiles !

I think we should draw a line here:
while Purple heroes are good at every special’s speed due to their increased tile damage against a yellow tank what is really Anti-Guinevere are the heroes with a better special speed.

Things that hurt her the most:

Preventing her special to fire

  • Tile damage & instant damage
    • Every purple hero, better if with dispel & elemental debuff included
    • Zimkitha
    • G. Jackal
  • Mana cut
    • Hansel
    • Chao
  • Mana freeze
    • Peters
  • Mana generation
    • Alaise
    • Natalya

Decrease her special’s value

  • Blind
    • Joon
    • Drake Fong
  • Dispel her buffs
    • Zeline
    • Caedmon
    • Sonya
  • Deal fast damage
    • Gravemaker
    • literally every sniper, but this isn’t a “counter”, is just damage

Purple: a n y t h i n g g o e s (best: G. Panther > Hel > Merlin > Proteus)
Yellow: Jackal > Joon > Drake Fong > Chao
Green: Hansel > Peters > Zeline > Caedmon
Blue: Alaise > Sonya
Red: Natalya > Zimkitha > Gravemaker

Without these fast heroes you could either kill her before firing any special due to lucky boards or to be unable to fire special skills at all. Red hood’s minions are worse than blind IMHO.

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