Heroes academy - same type for same type

I miss simple thing:
Retrain a hero in HA for same type of hero. The main topic is to keep value of already summoned heroes. And not to retraing eg. second Frida for Elkanen.

Something like this proposal:

Moderators, I talked to Zephyr:

… and he wrote that he is not merging this thread himself. Please could you also keep this thread open. It seems it might be important for people to express themself in Ideas & Features.

There is a poll already about it: 🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

and it proved itself to be valuable topic.

I do think that the origin should be of like exchange. I was very displeased with trading Miki and ending up with Thorne.


I can see this working for people like me (c2p), I will be more estimulated to spend on summons this way. If I get something I don’t like, at least I have the chance to get something useful. For instance, I got Black Knight, but already have QoH maxed, so it would be great if I could get something else that it will be useful for me. I got BN after spending on 12k gems, I think it-s fair to get another 5* of the same type, I don’t want to exchange a Black Knight for a Quintus or Horghall (or my 5th Richard…). I know at some point (1-2 years) with the current implementation in Beta I can get what I want, but after all that spending I don’t feel it is fair to wait that much. Almost all S2 or events are received after spending a lot (unless you are extremely lucky - I just got 1 in year and half from free tokens).


I’m personally against this.

I think it would vastly benefit spenders - there are people who have 10+ Clarissas, for example. They can retrain these duplicates (only the Clarissas, not even counting all the other duplicates) until they get a hero they don’t have - and that would be quite easy. 7 days and they will get a HotM (who they do have or don’t have). Even though the training takes 7 days, at some point they will have all (or at least most of) the HotMs they want.

It’s even easier with challenge event heroes (who are 15), S2 heroes (who are 9) and seasonal event heroes (who are 6) - they can use their duplicates to get all of the heroes they want.

Also, the Devs said that HA is supposed to help FTP - I don’t think that many FTP have non-S1 5* duplicates. So I could trade in my maxed Margaret (losing all tonics) hoping for Alberich, but I could get Zeline, for example. Then I’ll have to choose whether I want to trade in Zeline, hoping to get Alberich at some point, for example. Or that I keep Zeline but forget about getting Alberich.

I don’t see SG doing that since HA10 would be a much better alternative than summons and people won’t buy gems (unless they are targeting a brand new hero).


Ok. What if are not a spender? Or if you spend very little? And after a year of trying summons here are there, you succeed and get … eg. Grimble. Or Margaret?
I feel that especially not spenders might benefit to be sure, that when they finaly get hotm or event hero, they can retrain it for good one.
My opinion.

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Yes, there is some benefit for FTP but it is the best deal for spenders.

Let’s say that it takes me 15 weeks to get a bad hero like Grimble from HA10 - then I can retrain him for another HotM. But for these 15 weeks spenders who have a lot of duplicates will get 15 non-S1 heroes. And I will be spending the same resources to get Obakans and Horghall (most of the time) while spenders will be spending these resources for HotMs and event heroes.


Actually spenders are those who pay for the game development. This is the principle of these games. And they get better heroes for it.

But what I am talking about is fairness. If you summon hotm that you do not want (spender or not spender), you will not retrain him for Horghall, that you can get from tc20.


I really like the thought here and the effort that papca has put into these forum posts. So if I put in a 5* season 1 hero, would it only work on no. 2 in your list? Or, what if I want a season 2 character but not a season 3/event and I want to put in a season 3? It gets convoluted and likely frustrating quickly. The short of it is I appreciate that this is giving the user more choice but I don’t think it’s quite flexible enough.


Whether you are a spender or not you should never ever trade in/eat a non season 1 hero if it’s your last copy. Even if the hero is bad it may get readjusted in the future (See Atomos and Margaret).

Also Black Knight may be the next best red, he’s better than Queen of Hearts unless maybe you want to pair her with Puss in Boots. People have spent 2k only for him and ending up not getting him. You may not have need of him right now but if you play this game in a year from now you will regret deeply that you got rid of such a good hero


Thank you, Jbillli.

My main point is that people with hotm/s2/event dupes need also a solution.
HA as it is provides excellent solution for S1 duplicates. But not real solution for higher (paid) heroes.

We will be lucky, if sgg provides us any solution of this problem. My opinion is: Even if it would be paid with gems, it would be a great step forward.


And I believe everybody would benefit from reasonable solution of hotm/s2/event dupes.

  • I guess paying players/customers would be happy to get solution of their dupes problem.
  • Free to play players could be certain that when they summon something outside S1, they can always retrain it for a usable hero.
  • SGG may benefit that more people acctually pay something. Because they know, that it will be not a waste of gems to get something not really working.

Fully support this idea and think it does not just benefit spenders, it benefits everybody and is what this high-level end game content should be after the horrendous slog it takes to get there and the fact the game has very little in the way of generous rewards. This isn’t even asking for generosity, it’s just asking for a fair trade.


Should be able to build a trade shop. Having 4 clarissa, 2, Vivica, 2 malosi, 2 raffaele and 2 Marjana is a tad boring. In a trade shop you can only trade to a hero with the same ranking A+ for A+, A for A and so on. I build my trade shop and then put up for instance clarissa, then i pick who id like to trade her for with the same ranking, if there is anyone who has wished the same then there is a swap. These hero academys are simply not worth it, add so you can build a trade shop instead.

Yes and 2 azlars aswell. Would be nice to swop so one has unique heroes

To be very honest it’s been asked for many times before. I think we all have to accept that it’s not going to happen for the foreseeable future.
But we do have the Hero Academy to change our duplicate heroes…

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Yes, but cant you get a duplicate of another you have in your roster?

Yes - correct. But that’s as good as it’s going to get for now …

:confused: lets hope that will change. Its a bore to have so many duplicates, and i can imagine the really great players having tons of them. Atleast i posted my suggestion and most likley nothing will happen, but still.

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