Hero with invisible shields

So I was thinking, it might be cool to add a new hero skill where their shields can become invisible. The hits would contribute to the ally mana, but not to enemy mana. The shields wouldn’t do damage themselves, but also won’t increase the mana of the enemy when they get hit. Thoughts?

May need some more details.

Suppose the hero is red, match 3 reds on the board and it will charge up whose mana?

Does the red hero’s own mana get charged as well?

What happens if this red hero is in a multiple red stack? How does damage calculation for the others work?

Just a few things to consider. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks simple, which is fantastic. Has a potential for wild OP, but an interesting mechanic. Perhaps limited to “Up to 5 Shields of this Hero’s Element?”. Maybe switch it to an Item? Worth investigating. +1

Read the same as on a card when you see “All allies get…”

Note the word “shields” not “troops”. So, when matched, these shields don’t turn into attacking troops at all, and the damage is zero.

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Yeah so my thinking is the dev could word it however they want. So say I have Kelile. I match 3 on the board. Typically, Kellis’s mana gets charged. Then, let’s say she’s against a Telluria tank. Tellurias mana also gets charged up a bit, in addition to damage dealt.

So my thinking is, Those shields become invisible to enemies. They don’t do damage to Telluria but also she doesn’t gain mana from them hitting her. BUT Keliles mana DOES get charged.

You guys bring up great points! What if it part of a red stack… I’m not sure. Maybe it could serve as an elemental link for some new heros instead of their special skill? I also like the idea as an item to craft instead.

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Maybe I’m not tracking here…

I understand what you meant as a “Transform all X shields on the board…” kind of ability, like Jott or Ratatoskr, by definition charging any matching element heroes on the team up, just like for any other match. If not, if you only meant for the firing Hero to charge, what else does this Skill do? If it does nothing else, you are just charging the Hero for no reason.

I should have specified it would be a part of their skill, not the whole thing. So maybe they are a healer with this attached to it, or they are a sniper and this is part of their skill. Although, I like the elemental link or craft item too. It can be in addition to their special skill.

Or yeah, like you said, they could make all shields do no damage and only charge the allies mana- all of them, or their nearby allies. It was kind of an errant thought, not completely thought through!

This interpretation (my emphasis) is troublesome the way I read it. It would mean a red stack would cause no tile/shield/troop damage to the opponent. For example, a mono red team can only cause special damage but no tile damage.

I would have thought the hero with the special would contribute no damage but the others would. I.e. be effectively removed from the damage calcuation equation.

An interesting idea, just needs a bit of clarity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe have the tiles of the color the hero is weak against become the ghost tiles. So with a red hero, the blue tiles would become the ghost tiles and add to their mana.