Hero Wardrobe Malfunction! 😁


Yeah he’s got gauntlets on both hands, but he’s got the pauldron on just the right arm with his sword.
I’d have thought you’d lead with your shield arm and have that protected to your shoulder, leaving your sword arm lighter and more flexible

Azlar and nashgar wear it on their left shoulder. Colen wears his on his right, but also reverses his axe grip. @rook did you have Colen down as a south paw?


She needs different ones for different occasions, of course… and they better all be fashionable! :face_with_monocle:

…it is hard to imagine her in the same outfit that a Boril or Kiril might wear… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


With all the poor frost wolves getting butchered daily on 8/7, there should be plenty to go around


I think it could all come down to personal preference and perhaps even little delved into the back story for Boldtusk (which is right up your alley). Possibilities include.

  1. That arm may not be his real arm, perhaps lost it in a war, so that is like an artificially grafted mechanical arm.
  2. Boldtusk values heightened offense in his warfare strategy. So he may value offense higher than defense, and in doing so, place better protection on his sword arm.
  3. That shield may weigh more than it looks, more armors were placed on the sword arm to add weight and allow him to maintain better balance.


Good thinking :grin:
We’ll find a use for that nugget of narrative in the future


Colen is right-handed. The left holds the bottom of the axe, but the right holds the top, for power and to guide it. Deffo a righty, based on the photo. And logic. And years of watching Sword and Sandal flicks. :grin:


Not to mention, you could always stab them as you walk over them!


I finally figured out why Alaise is so slow… she’s wearing way too many warm capes. She already has 4 and now she wants 4 more! And those gloves… really, she can’t shoot arrows with those :kissing_heart:


100 Layer Challenge Fail!


I have no idea what I’m looking at… :wink:


Ah @rook, that’s clips from a young lady who attempted the ‘100 layer challenge’ and then got stuck in all her clothes…

In regard to Alasie’s requirement for 8 capes and gloves…


What is your favorite hero/heroine costume thus far? (did I miss it?) :wink:


I don’t think Zeline is wearing underwear. Come to think of it, I don’t think Friar Tuck is either.


As a deeply entrenched 40k fanboy, Ares armour ticks my space marine box


Not sure I want to know… And because of that, I think I am going to put off on leveling up the Friar for just a tad longer.


Ares looks like a Transformer.


(Strangely reminds me of Space Hulk…)

back to topic :wink:


I totally understood it :rofl: