Hero Wardrobe Malfunction! 😁

I finally figured out why Alaise is so slow… she’s wearing way too many warm capes. She already has 4 and now she wants 4 more! And those gloves… really, she can’t shoot arrows with those :kissing_heart:

100 Layer Challenge Fail!

I have no idea what I’m looking at… :wink:

Ah @rook, that’s clips from a young lady who attempted the ‘100 layer challenge’ and then got stuck in all her clothes…

In regard to Alasie’s requirement for 8 capes and gloves…


What is your favorite hero/heroine costume thus far? (did I miss it?) :wink:

I don’t think Zeline is wearing underwear. Come to think of it, I don’t think Friar Tuck is either.


As a deeply entrenched 40k fanboy, Ares armour ticks my space marine box


Not sure I want to know… And because of that, I think I am going to put off on leveling up the Friar for just a tad longer.

Ares looks like a Transformer.

(Strangely reminds me of Space Hulk…)

back to topic :wink:

I totally understood it :rofl:

When Leo is leveling up his left foot seams to be wearing a right foot shoe

I’ve always assumed that having two left feet was why he’s only average mana speed…

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I was brainstorming a fan-fic with Obakan as the antagonist when I noticed that his scabbard is on the same side as his sword hand?!

How on earth can he draw his weapon?

Maybe that’s why it looks so twisted and awkward…

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That’s a practice in some cultures (Ancient Greece, I think), where stabbing blades were sheathed on the side of the hand in which they are held. This configuration allows the warrior to unsheathe and stab with a single flick of the wrist.

Now I’ll admit that Obakan’s blade looks a wee bit too long for a wrist flip…

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Perhaps he has a double jointed shoulder :thinking:

Or a break-away scabbard? Or a sloppy artist?

Well, if we’re going to examine him in detail, the strapping for the shield is all wrong too. If he put his arm in the standard neutral shield holding position, the shield would be sideways and that long point would really hinder low cuts or thrusts from his sword arm.

On the other hand, it does explain why he needs the extra glute protecting plate on his right hand side. That’s probably why he shifted the scabbard over too–to make room for the now-needed extra protective equipment.

Did anyone else notice Kiril’s axe missing a string? I have seen plenty of banjos with a 5th tuner that was on the 5th fret, but never an instrument that had a string disappear halfway down its neck!!

Edit: I cant count. There are only 4 strings, but there are 5 tuners!!


Why do I only see 4 string near the hand?