Hero Upgrade Feature- add a star by combining two fully leveled and ascended heroes


One of the toughest things that many free players face is the fact that it’s so impossibly hard to grind for the best heroes. What if you were able to take two identical, fully-leveled three-star heroes and get a randomly chosen four-star hero of the same color (back at level one, tier one)? And you could take two fully-leveled, identical four-stars to get a random five-star? It would take some of the frustration with getting so many three-star heroes with hero tokens or hard-earned gems. It would take extra ascension items and you’d have to sacrifice a fully ascended hero and the grind of full leveling to get there, so the easiness of buying your own will still be there- It likely won’t be a drain on developers’ wallets.


Interesting, it’s both not so easy to do and can even has counterfire.

Just thinking, if you use your double full Kiril or Sonya to get a lv1 Thorne or Richard… that’s not a good trade, lol.

Risky, i like it.


Exactly. It offers players a surefire way to get 4-star and then 5-star heroes. But it takes a lot of work and time and sacrifice. And you might end up with less than what you had- unless you have three kirils or sonjas to start with.


Yeah, i see more good opportunities for 3* people to get some juicy 4*, that people who transform their 4* in legendary.
By the time you get 8 ascension items is more likely you get your 5* in other ways, or just don’t want to sacrifice your beloved epics that you work so hard on only to restart a legendary with no items.
Neverless, you have to ascend two identical heroes (and thats good only if you are an end game player)

And i don’t dislike this handicap, i don’t dislike it at all.
It’s more a gamble, good to spice up people who has copycat heroes.


I have had a few alliance members quit the game because they can’t seem to get a 5-star hero and refuse to pay. If they’re on their 4th (or 14th) Kelile but have had no luck getting a 5-star red, then this might help. Not the easiest way, but the surest.


You definitely would have “paid” for it with the effort put into the two heroes used. Also, a fully leveled hero of one level is generally stronger than the start of the next.
One point of bother; why two of the same hero? If player wanted to keep one, they would need 3 fully ascended to start with. Not going to be many of those. Two fully ascended of the same color for the desired color would work.


The reason I thought two of the same hero was because of the people who complain about getting their 11th Hawkmoon in a row and never a 5*. This would give them a higher purpose than food.


I’m nowhere near the level for that to happen.
Thinking back on previous comment, If the person knew of this possible use for the duplicates then they would indeed be likely to upgrade them.