Hero "Tutorial"

I’m a higher level player, staying in Diamond Arena pretty solidly. If I pull a new hero, though, I don’t really get a chance to use them except for in the lower stages of the map, and even then, I’m usually bringing higher level heroes in the roster still. I think it would be neat if when you pull a new hero, you had a little “practice arena” that you could raid with them on an equal ground. Maybe you get unleveled Vivica, Rigard, and Elena to fight alongside for the raid or titan battle or whatever. Then you could get a feel for the hero and their abilities without having to just kill yetis and use energies to test them out.

That would be a good idea, but I guess the game wants you to think who works well with who?
I try out ideas with heros in lower Provence sure it’s 3 flags n can’t really tell as you plowing through the opponents! Maybe set up another flag system where you x amount over 12 hours like the others

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