Hero/Troops Security


I was driving with my brother and a friend, and our friend asked for my brother’s phone to do some raids etc and at some point he made some bad jokes like he would lvl up his heroes around, of course he didn’t do anything stupid and it was just a joke but you get the point to what I’m suggesting.

We should definitely have an option to have a password on Favorite heroes, so you can de-Favorite ONLY with the PASSWORD.

It takes time, money perhaps etc. To gather and lvl heroes up, you might show the game to someone or some person at one point would accidentally or intentionally lvl up with one of your epic/legendary hero and that would be depressing and unfortunate.


A favorite button and warning screen are enough. I don’t want passwords in my game


How about this: Don’t give your phone to stupid people!!

It’s your brothers own risk, if he gives his phone to a “friend”, he should think that this is possible!.

Imagine, you want to level your heroes and every 5 Seconds “Enter your Password!”



I don’t think removing the favorite mark is something you do very often, for password to be very cumbersome. And it could be made an option you can turn on or off.

That said I think this is a very minor issue and those developer resources could be directed towards more pressing issues :slight_smile:


Not asking anything on leveling, only if you try de-Favorite.


There was an interesting TED talk from one of the founders of Airbnb, and in it he did an audience experiment of having people unlock their phones and handing them to the person on their left.

If that thought terrifies you (and it probably does just about everyone) then don’t hand your phone to someone you don’t trust. That is a much simpler solution than something which not only takes time to develop but also is cumbersome for everyone else in what should be a non-issue. I definitely don’t want to see this: while it’s unlikely I would ever de-favorite a hero, other people have and will continue to do so… and something that cumbersome is literally in no other game I can think of.

No thanks :slight_smile:


I would like the possibility of a password to open the app though. I play it on an ipad, which is used by my children and I do worry my son would mess my game up (by accident, he has special needs). He could for example kick my alliance members and since there is no good means to contact them, that would really suck.
I am less worried about my heroes, since it is too many things in a row he would have to click by accident. But kicking is just click and confirm :scream:


There are ways for your needs, what I was requesting is in app, you can have an app secure your game app.


This is why we have a game group chat on Line; if our alliance was somehow kicked, we could gather everyone, explain, and rejoin.

I highly recommend Line or Discord, or some other outside contact means.