Hero training bug

Opened my game to try and claim my trained hero and as you can see in attached image it is complete but when I click on it to claim it tries to get me to train, but only legendary (other image). Can you help me get back my missing hero??

I have restarted game, restarted device, and checked for app update, nothing :frowning: .

No. In that second screenshot, you still need to wait 13 minutes for you to have 1 out of 2 training in TC20.

The first hero is not ready yet. Each legendary retrain takes exactly two days. The timer shows 2 days, 0 hours, but does not show the minutes. Your hero should be ready when this post finishes or soon afterward. I hope you land a good one.

The green bar is never full if in progress on anything else. This is the first time Iโ€™ve seen it full and still showing itโ€™s in progress and needing to wait. I trained my first legendary almost 48 hrs ago and so that first one should be ready right away, the other one was trained a couple hours after the first one.

I guess I was just a bit too early as this showed up just now

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