Hero tips?

Looking for advice on which heroes and order to use for War Defense.
Not opposed to leveling up a lower hero if it would be a better fit than one of the higher ones.

Just picked up Evelyn and Santa as well. Both level 1.

what is you normal defense right now?

RIght now? Left to Right: Rigard, Isarnia, Zimkitha, Melendor, Rigard

You are going to need to work on those heros. I’d probably look at Caedmon, Grimm, Li, Zim, Rigard. I would lay off the 5s until you get a few 4 teams leveled.

Level up your Proteus, his mana shutdown is great. You are doing right by not leveling Ameonna, I maxed her out and her special skill is inneffective. A lot of people have bene complaining about Ameonna, so would expect to see her skills to improve, eg: gain mana while in ghost form would be my suggestion, or stronger attack while in ghost form.

Absolutely forget all of your 5s, you need more leveled 4 to even begin to hope to acquire the ascension mats for 5*.

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