Hero that shuffles tiles like a Tornado

What do you think about a hero that do the same effect as tornado, sometimes we have a.bad board, and this hero will be real game changer .

has been requested many times. what benefit would the hero serve on defense is the biggest issue i believe along with possibly being overpowered

I see your point about defensive teams, but just don’t put them on your defense team. I don’t use Wilbur even though he’s my most powerful fire hero because sometimes his shared damage buff is more an ailment than a buff.

not about that though. Every hero is supposed tp be useable on both sides of the board, not every hero is supposed to be good on both sides but still useable. If you could come up with a way this hero could effectively work offensively and defensively then I’m sure SG would love to read it.

Say maybe the hero gives a %chance for random allies to randomly execute normal attacks and gain a % of mana for 1 turn

defense would allow all allies to randomly strike

offense it would shuffle the board which is similar to allowing random enemies to strike on defense

possibly give it a 5% damage boost when used on defense

something of that nature off the top of my head would make the hero you have in mind useable on both sides

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This idea of manipulating the board with a special has been kicked around before. (Always good to search before opening a thread!). See, e.g.