Hero team is switching from 1-2 mid attacks


Several of the B.G.S.L. alliance are experiencing a switch from tier 1 to tier 2 teams mid attack and are losing points. Please fix this glitch


What do you mean with tiers, mid attack?


For clarity, you’re saying that, in the middle of a raid, your heroes will disappear and switch out for other ones? Or simply that it’s not using the team you intended to designate in the first place?

I haven’t yet encountered an issue of that kind, but it’s an important distinction. We’ve all used our titan team in a raid mistakenly, or drunkenly at one point, i’m sure.


Saying that in the middle of a raid or Titan attack that it will switch to a different set of heros in that players roster, second string.




Never seen that happen. Sounds really strange. Or do you mean that between raids or titan attacks. or in middle of a fight?


Middle of a fight. Happened to three different players of three differing strength.


To random heroes or did it just pick some other team?


Pick 5 second string heros from the players stables