Hero team help


These are my current hero’s. I need help choosing who should I build up, should I stick with team I already got or build up my other hero’s ? A full explanation on what I can do will be appreciated thanks heaps :slight_smile:


WuKong you must have for various situations… and Peters and Melendor are often a better choice than LJ (which is also good). And I think I dont need to tell you anything about Zeline


Zeline, definitely. You don’t even need us to give you a reason, just do it. WuKong’s special makes a world of difference in Titan battles, even with the 32% chance of a miss when firing tiles/specials. Rigard is a good tanky healer in a defence team since he also removes status ailments (though if you have antidotes you won’t need him as much for an attack team if you get a better healer). Melendor is a decent healer that removes buffs from enemies, but you have Sonya for debuffs so maybe just Rigard for now.


FI would work on Rigard before Melendor, given that you have two other de-buff heroes (Sonya and Zeline). Boldtusk is only half a healer (27% vs Rigard’s 42% and clear status ailments).

Having started LJ, I’d finish him up. If you have four or more tonics, then work on Zeline. Otherwise, I’d shift to Peters. With 5* heroes, you want to have a path to get them to final ascension.

Oh, and Wu, absolutely get him leveled up for titans.


Wu for sure. I like Boldtusk because of his +ATK. If you get someone who is -DEF on the enemy, like Tiburtus or Grimm, you have the Titan Trifecta (Fire: Grimm, BT, Wu last). :slight_smile:


Fire BT first, so your Grimm attack will already be more powerful :wink: