Hero team help

These are my current hero’s. I need help choosing who should I build up, should I stick with team I already got or build up my other hero’s ? A full explanation on what I can do will be appreciated thanks heaps :slight_smile:

WuKong you must have for various situations… and Peters and Melendor are often a better choice than LJ (which is also good). And I think I dont need to tell you anything about Zeline

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Zeline, definitely. You don’t even need us to give you a reason, just do it. WuKong’s special makes a world of difference in Titan battles, even with the 32% chance of a miss when firing tiles/specials. Rigard is a good tanky healer in a defence team since he also removes status ailments (though if you have antidotes you won’t need him as much for an attack team if you get a better healer). Melendor is a decent healer that removes buffs from enemies, but you have Sonya for debuffs so maybe just Rigard for now.

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FI would work on Rigard before Melendor, given that you have two other de-buff heroes (Sonya and Zeline). Boldtusk is only half a healer (27% vs Rigard’s 42% and clear status ailments).

Having started LJ, I’d finish him up. If you have four or more tonics, then work on Zeline. Otherwise, I’d shift to Peters. With 5* heroes, you want to have a path to get them to final ascension.

Oh, and Wu, absolutely get him leveled up for titans.


Wu for sure. I like Boldtusk because of his +ATK. If you get someone who is -DEF on the enemy, like Tiburtus or Grimm, you have the Titan Trifecta (Fire: Grimm, BT, Wu last). :slight_smile:


Fire BT first, so your Grimm attack will already be more powerful :wink:


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