Hero Team and raid team appear different after Titan

After attacking a titan, my hero team and raid teams aren’t synchronizing. I make changes after the Titan attack, yet the hero team doesn’t sync up for the defense team against raids. To work around, I’ve entered a raid view and then adjust the hero roster. Without raiding, I’ve then saved changes and exit. Noticed this today on 3 occasions.

Otherwise, the changes selected after a Titan battle appear to be made but the team doesn’t appear to save… strange

Do you have a raid defense team selected and possibly making the changes on a different team?

I couldn’t take a pic of the titan team atm to illustrate, however, note that the raid team differs from the hero team. Anytime a change is made to the current team in play… the account no longer syncs when you update your heroes… this started 2-3 days ago.

Or what I should have noted is that the Titan team carried forward as the primary team, which would be normal. I then reset the heroes as illustrated. When I go to raid… I still see the Titan team. To work around this… I must select a raid and change heroes to sync a defensive team and then exit raid… whew. Anyone else encounter this?

Is team 2 your normal raid defense team?

Raid Team is Team1 (your defense team i presume) and you are editing Team 2. It’s 2 dif teams.

Let me ask…

When you make a change to your heroes… team 1, does that carry forward into all scenarios including raid, Titan and other play? That was previously the case for me. Now… if I edit to play a titan… it doesn’t carry across as the primary team. It does reflect in raid as the active team. The primary hero team hasn’t changed .

When you’re on the “Ready to Battle” screen, you can swipe your finger left/right on your team to choose a different one to attack with. In your case, swipe left once to get to Team 2.

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