Hero Team and raid team appear different after Titan

After attacking a titan, my hero team and raid teams aren’t synchronizing. I make changes after the Titan attack, yet the hero team doesn’t sync up for the defense team against raids. To work around, I’ve entered a raid view and then adjust the hero roster. Without raiding, I’ve then saved changes and exit. Noticed this today on 3 occasions.

Otherwise, the changes selected after a Titan battle appear to be made but the team doesn’t appear to save… strange

Do you have a raid defense team selected and possibly making the changes on a different team?

I couldn’t take a pic of the titan team atm to illustrate, however, note that the raid team differs from the hero team. Anytime a change is made to the current team in play… the account no longer syncs when you update your heroes… this started 2-3 days ago.

Or what I should have noted is that the Titan team carried forward as the primary team, which would be normal. I then reset the heroes as illustrated. When I go to raid… I still see the Titan team. To work around this… I must select a raid and change heroes to sync a defensive team and then exit raid… whew. Anyone else encounter this?

Is team 2 your normal raid defense team?

Raid Team is Team1 (your defense team i presume) and you are editing Team 2. It’s 2 dif teams.

Let me ask…

When you make a change to your heroes… team 1, does that carry forward into all scenarios including raid, Titan and other play? That was previously the case for me. Now… if I edit to play a titan… it doesn’t carry across as the primary team. It does reflect in raid as the active team. The primary hero team hasn’t changed .

When you’re on the “Ready to Battle” screen, you can swipe your finger left/right on your team to choose a different one to attack with. In your case, swipe left once to get to Team 2.

When I left War today… guess what… that team carried into my 1st Hero team. No clue as to the randomness of why the Hero team changes which would impact your defense team… so you could easily carry across your 3rd War arrangement that becomes the defense team… misery!

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