Hero Talent Level 21

Hi all.
Question: Why we can’t Level Heros to level 21 (Talent Grill) when all the resources are availlable.
Hope someone can answer me

Thats really weird. I have a lot of heroes with 21 and 22 talents. Maybe is a bug. I would place a ticket to support if I was you.


:joy: don’t log a ticket

It’s max 20 emblems…you can’t do more than that


I thought the guy was trolling, so I was trolling too. I mean, he must be trolling.


Really? You have heros with talent 21 and 22?

No he doesn’t, no one does. 20 is you all done.

On the talent grid for all / any hero the maximum talents you can get to is 20.
That’s it no more talents after that for anyone

@Ced11 It looks like you are clicking on the icon for the node you didn’t take for level 19 and calling it 21… , you go left or right, not both. I hope that helps

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Hero Talent tree is capped at Node 20.

Each equivalent “branch” of the same height is the same node level. You can only choose 1 direction to follow down the talent tree. You cannot back-track back down the tree.

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